What Is the Best Reminder App for iPhone

Managing daily tasks has become a challenge. Every day we have more and more things to get done. And we can’t imagine ourselves without some extra tools that help us in our daily activities. If you are a responsible person, you are probably acquainted with task management apps, goal-planning tools, or reminder apps.

Today, we are going to explore the last ones. We will discover what reminder apps are the best, what free alternatives there are, and how to stay on track with these useful tools and not forget anything. Let’s start!  

Best Reminder Apps on iPhone


Clear is a simple software solution that offers minimum features but fulfills its functions at its best. This reminder app can be described as a digital alternative to sticky notes that you can often use for notifications and reminders. You can create items, assign dates and times, and get notifications when you need them. The app offers flexible visual settings and color themes.

Fantastical 2

Fantastical 2 is a calendar app that can be integrated with the native Reminders app. It offers more comprehensive functionality than just a reminder app, as you can see your entire schedule for the week or month and add some reminders if you need them. They will be also shown on the calendar. Its intuitive interface and beautiful design allow you not to skip to the Reminders app but create all the notifications inside Fantastical 2.


Due is a perfect option if you don’t need any extra functionality and complexity of a task management tool. It has a simple and easy-to-navigate interface with various tons of notifications sounds. The functionality of the app allows you to add reminders for anything, assign a due date, snooze or push back notifications. 

Best Free Reminder Apps on iPhone 

Apple's Reminder

Apple's native Reminder app is a good solution for Apple ecosystem users. It is synced with all Apple devices you have. You can use it for planning all your daily activities from feeding pets to evening coffee with your friend. You can have multiple accounts, share your tasks and collaborate with friends or colleagues. The main con of this app is its inability to be used on any device different than Apple. 


Any.do is a multiplatform all-in-one solution that allows you to schedule reminders, organize a chronological timeline, and even add geolocations to your tasks. You can access it on your iOS devices, Apple Watch, web, and even Android. The functionality is pretty wide: you can set recurring and location-based reminders, create smart grocery lists, and share with collaborators. Though functionality is decent, there are some technical and interface issues reported by users.


Todoist is a pretty popular solution that allows building habits by setting recurrent reminder dates and times, tracking the progress of your weekly and daily targets, and integrating it with other services like Dropbox, Zapier, and Amazon Alexa. With a convenient interface, you can choose the importance of your tasks and assign the importance level to them. According to the reviews, the app has some cons. For example, you can't retrieve your "done" tasks after you tick them. Some other users report the laggy interface and lack of interface customization features.


Thanks to software developers it has become easier not to miss your tasks. Moreover, now you can organize your habits and lifestyle. With these best reminder apps and their ultimate features, you can easily set big goals and improve the quality of your life. With effective time planning you will be able to find extra time for your side activities that you couldn’t afford before. Don’t neglect technologies and use smart tools for better performance and productivity.

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