What Is the Best Spy App for iPhone?

Best Spy App

A phone spy app is an application that functions within the operating system. It mainly functions to keep track of activities performed by the user of the cell phone. All the information below is given to inform our users about the risks of getting a spy app installed on their phones. Moreover, we urge you not to use spy apps and consider all the laws regulating spying software. 

The spy app for iPhone can do all of these:

  • Easily hide from the user and the user's operating system
  • Keeping logs of all incoming and outgoing calls, emails, SMS, chats with social media apps, browser history, and keystrokes
  • Monitor incoming and outgoing files
  •  using undetectable ways of communication like the internet or a messaging app
  • Be undetectable, so if the user gets rid of the app or reinstalls the operating system, nothing will show up on his/her side.

Best Spy Apps on iPhone


By installing mSpy on your target device, you can monitor its activities remotely. Moreover, the app works completely incognito in the background, so it cannot be tracked. Users can also analyze the mobile device's activities in depth using the app.

All subscriptions on mSpy, other than the Family Kit, can only be used on one device at a time. Additionally, you need to root or jailbreak your phone if you want full access to all the available features.


Eyezy app gives you a full insight into your child's iPhone, so you can make sure the conversations they're having are safe. It allows you to see their private text conversations including chats they've deleted, and view messages on WhatsApp, tinder, Snapchat, Skype, Instagram, Facebook, and other apps. Unfortunately, Eyezy has no free trial and doesn't have many useful tracking features.


XNSPY is a dynamic spy application that allows you to monitor and direct the internet activities of the target device without being detected. Through an efficient web interface, you can be in control of your own device and control the target device from wherever you are with XNSPY.

XNSPY was developed for the following purposes: monitoring text messages, monitoring app usage, geo-tracking, and continuous communication through calls, texts, and chat messages from the controlling device. The app's monthly subscription is a bit expensive; it is not recommended for budget-conscious customers. Moreover, there is no free trial, so you cannot test the features of the spy program before spending your money.

Looking at EyeZy vs mSpy vs XNSPY it may be difficult to find major faults with each. You can monitor your child's phone responsibly and carefully with these apps.


Best Free Spy Apps for iPhone


iKeyMonitor is a parental control phone monitoring app. It allows you to watch your children's online activity to determine whether they are being cyberbullied, communicating with sexual predators, or leaking personal information online. With iKeyMonitor, you can follow their GPS whereabouts and ban problematic apps or games. iKeyMonitor offers free and premium subscriptions.

Unfortunately, due to excessive energy consumption, the iKeyMonitor app for mobile devices cannot be obtained through Apple's App Store.


SaferKid was created after doing thorough research with members of the “Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force” and researching hundreds of horrible things that happened to children as a result of utilizing mobile devices. Use it to keep your adolescent or child safe! SaferKid has three main features: SaferText, SaferKid Alert, and Parental Superpowers. The paid version of this app is expensive and does not provide location tracking, in addition to some users reporting many crashes. SaferKid is available with a free trial.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to uninstall hidden spy phone app on iPhone?

In short, update your iPhone’s operating system, or make a factory reset to your iPhone.

How to find spy app on iPhone?

Here are some major signs that you have a spy app on your iPhone:

  • The Cydia app has been installed on your device
  • Your iPhone battery is overheating and draining quickly
  • Your data usage is way more than usual
  • You discover an app that you don’t remember installing
  • You hear background noise while you’re on a call

Final Thoughts

As you can notice, all apps in this list are well-balanced. They’re not exactly the same, of course. Every app in this list will cover all, or at least, most of your needs. At the end, it’s your own decision to choose the right app that suits your necessities. Whether you need it to protect and monitor your child’s online activities, to check out what your other half is doing behind you, or for whatever reason.

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