What Is the Best Theme App for iPhone?

Tired of looking at the same colors and designs whenever you see your Home Screen? Maybe you can energize it with fresh icons and widgets. Theme apps allow you to personalize your Home Screen look.

Although theme apps mostly have subscription models, there are still free iPhone themes you can use. Let’s explore the best theme apps for your iPhone.

Best Theme Apps on iPhone

Photo Widget

Photo Widget is a good mix of simplicity and cuteness. If you are tired of seeing the same colors, check out new whimsical cartoons and inject fun and fantasy back into your life. Photo Widget offers a great combination of paid and free themes.


Photo Widget offers themes featuring pretty animal characters looking back at you. They’re there to put you in a good mood every time you see your Home Screen. However, to get rid of ads, you need a Premium Subscription. Photo Widget shows location-based ads to non-Premium subscribers.


The appeal of WidgetBox doesn’t overwhelm you with unlimited choices. The app offers about 10 classic themes, such as Dark, Retro, and monochromatic choices, such as Yellow. You can also create your own themes.

The designs are clean and simple, so they should easily match any iPhone wallpaper you use. You can also customize your keyboard and change your iPhone charging animation. Most of the things WidgetBox has to offer are available only for paid subscriptions. Users have reported Navigational lags when using WidgetBox.

Icon Themer

Icon Themer curates themes mostly based on holidays and important events. It features hand drawings and solid shades. Most of them induce a sweet vibe. It has fewer theme options than popular apps. However, if you hate filtering through a myriad of striking color themes just to find that one simple design, Themer will do the job.

If the ready-made themes don’t satisfy you, Icon Themer provides a large collection of icons to create your own. Themer Shares user data with advertisers.


Best Free Theme Apps for iPhone


With more than 500,000 ratings on the Apple Store, Widgetsmith is a popular app to customize your icons. Its user-friendliness frees you from being a tech expert in order to engage your creativity.

Widgetsmith gives you control over how you want to individualize your Home Screen by providing a large collection of customizable templates and widgets, you’re certain you can produce your desired Home Screen look to your taste. It features personalized gradient wallpaper and widgets can be scheduled to show up based on the rules you set. As a free theme application, Widgetsmith shares user info with data curators.



ScreenKit offers 5000+ app icons, 500+ widgets, and 500+ aesthetic themes & wallpapers, empowering you to customize your iPhone Home Screen effectively. When launched for the first time, ScreenKit prompts you to pick your desired styles. It will next provide a personalized list of themes based on your selection.

ScreenKit offers classic themes such as Minimalist and Solid Color. You’ll also find unique options such as Harry Potter, if you’re into certain shows or books. ScreenKit may share user data with advertisers.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to change app theme on iPhone?

Hold any app on the Home Screen, then tap Edit Home Screen. The apps begin to jiggle. Drag the app and leave it where you want on the screen. You can move it to other pages.

Can you change icon themes on iPhone?

Yes. You can customize your home screen. So instead of using the boring default design that everyone else has, you can create themes with your own unique icons and widgets using a good theme app.

It’s said that looks can be deceiving, but they’re necessary. This is especially true for your iPhone icons and widgets because you use them every hour. You can get a free or paid theme app on your iPhone and use it to indulge your eyes with a fresh look.

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