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Updated on July 13, 2021: From now on, traffic filtering, malware protection, and suspicious DNS activity blocking are available as a part of the separate DNS Firewall app.

Dear reader! Thank you so much for being subscribed to our VPN Unlimited blog. You are our main inspiration and we highly appreciate your interest in our articles. We’re working on new exciting topics and enhancing our blog for you day by day. Stay tuned and don’t miss our new posts.

For newcomers, let us introduce ourselves. This is VPN Unlimited blog and it is 4 years old. Since February 24, 2014, we run 1 or 2 pieces every week, covering topics like online security, privacy, and open internet. Allow us to show you why you should subscribe to our blog with a detailed overview of it. Check this out!

Who’s the best VPN Blog for?

If you are an active netizen, the right answer is For you. VPN Unlimited blog is a perfect read for those who care about their privacy and online freedom. On our VPN blog, online-shoppers can learn tricks on how to save money. Travelers get tips on how to protect their private data while abroad. Cinephiles – how to access their favorite streaming websites anywhere in the world. VPN Unlimited blog has useful articles for everybody:  from parents and students to online gamers and gamblers.

Top 5 categories on our best VPN blog

Analyzing articles on our blog, you could vividly divide them into the following categories:

1) Online security. The pieces in this category teach our readers how to keep their private data protected and stay secure on the internet. This includes risks of using free VPN apps and public WiFi, tips to online-shopping security, signs that user has been hacked, guides to recognizing suspicious links, etc. We also publish use-cases about internet safety for kids, and have launched a cyber security quiz. In a nutshell, our VPN blog can become your own online security encyclopedia.

2) Group of VPN blog subscribers friendly hugging Open Internet. These articles offer comprehensive guides on how to bypass any geo restrictions with VPN Unlimited. How to access US Hulu, even if you are not a US resident? How to enjoy the Oscars ceremony live stream? How to watch English Premier League with British commentaries outside the UK? You can be sure you’ll find the answers to these questions on our VPN blog.

3) Online shopping. One of the most popular types of our articles are guides on how to save money while shopping online. Our team publishes this kind of articles on a regular basis, and you can already find detailed guides to saving money by booking cheap airline tickets and hotels, renting cars, and buying clothes.

4) News. KeepSolid team regularly tracks the latest news about cyber world and shares them with our readers. Security holes in popular browsers and applications, hacker attacks- all this and more on our VPN blog.

5) Product updates. Subscribing to our blog means always staying informed about the tastiest offers and freshest updates of our security solution. Use cases on the proper usage of VPN Unlimited are included, such as the guide to choosing the best VPN server location and setting up a Personal server.  

In conclusion, we’d like to share with you some heartwarming VPN blog comments from our regular readers:

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