How to Choose Weather App?

Weather app

Should you take your umbrella to work tomorrow because when you come back home in the evening it may rain? Or is it even a good idea to go hiking this gray weekend? The thing is, preparedness never hurts, and you want to be prepared “for a rainy day.”

There are quite a lot of weather apps to report and forecast the weather of almost any place in the world. Most of them are free but offer more benefits for a one-timer or monthly/yearly fee. In this article, we go through the best free and paid weather apps for iPhones.

Best Weather Apps 

Carrot Weather

Carrot Weather

Carrot Weather playfully approaches weather reporting. The app is relatively simple. Its homepage shows the current temperature and hourly/weekly forecasts. There's a tab for weather notifications as well as a built-in geography game.

Carrot Weather acquires info from Weather Underground, so your location data is shared with them, according to its privacy policy. It is free to download, but you can upgrade for a monthly or yearly fee to remove ads and install widgets. The app has a simple design and regular reports. But unfortunately, it has location-based third-party ads.

Dark Sky

Dark Sky

Dark Sky shows the temperature and how hot or cold it feels like on its home page. It gives a listed forecast for the rest of the day or week. It has easy tracking of weather worldwide. Its straightforward interface and interactive world map make the app a reliable solution. 

Dark Sky features an interactive world map that lets you zoom in and out of various areas to track forecasts. You can report the weather for your location. Dark Sky shares data with third-party companies, applying the advertiser’s privacy policy. 


AccuWeather provides a snapshot of the day's weather and temperature in the sun or shade, with the UV index and wind speed. AccuWeather gives different allergy levels (e.g., ragweed pollen) for the day. At the top, you can check hourly temperatures on a map.

It is upgradable for a one-off fee to terminate ads and get an extra 10 days of forecasts. AccuWeather retains user data and shares them with unaffiliated third parties for targeted advertisements.

Best Free Weather Apps 

Apple Weather

iPhones come with a default weather app. Apple Weather features a minimal design, as well as a map for geographic weather. There are also metrics for the UV index, temperature, and air quality. Apple Weather sometimes gets awkward in terms of navigation.

Weather Channel

Weather Channel tracks storms and provides real-time updates for safety planning. It automatically adjusts based on the present location and shows the current weather and hourly weather. Those who suffer from allergies will find the app useful, but it occasionally runs too slow.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to edit the Weather app on iPhone?

Swipe right from the Home screen on your iPhone, scroll down, and tap Edit. Find the section of third-party widgets, and tap Customize. Select your third-party weather app and tap (+) to add it.

How do I reset weather app on iPhone?

Maybe your weather app is not working because the Background refresh has been turned off. To fix it, go to Settings > General > Background App Refresh and change it to WLAN & Cellular Data. Then select the weather app and enable it.

If it’s not working, navigate to Settings and tap on General. Tap Reset > Reset Location & Privacy and then confirm to rest your weather app.

Weather forecasts are crucial in day-to-day planning, and it’s never been easier and faster to receive accurate weather news until now. Some weather apps offer unique features, in comparison to free ones, for a one-time or recurring subscription fee. Nevertheless, the accuracy of the forecasts is more or less the same for all weather apps.

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