Why Choose VPN Unlimited as Your Primary Online Safeguard?

Updated on July 13, 2021: From now on, traffic filtering, malware protection, and suspicious DNS activity blocking are available as a part of the separate DNS Firewall app.


Nowadays, being security-aware is essential. The common use of WiFi hotspots is no longer safe because you never know who is trying to sniff out some of your data. As popular as the online sniffing and ears dropping gets, so does the popularity of VPN services. VPN services, virtual private network, used to be the prerogative of corporate giants, but now anyone can benefit from using VPN Unlimited as a basic safeguard to support anonymous online activity.

If you want to use WiFi hotspots, get VPN Unlimited

There are numerous cases that people like using WiFi hotspots because: 1) it’s fun; 2) it’s a nice tradition; 3) everyone does it. But have you ever thought about the chances of other people sniffing on your private info, and they are sitting right next to you. Security experts agree on the fact that free WiFi hotspots stopped being safe a long time ago. While it is hard to believe, but regular WiFi hotspots like cafés, restaurants, hotels or airports may put your personal information in danger, yet there is a solution to solve your problem. Luckily, the use of VPN Unlimited will protect any of your WiFi hotspots connections because Simplex Solutions Inc. offers an online safeguard for a really low price.  Care to review your VPN options now?

Choosing the best VPN service?

We see a growing number of internet users who are becoming more security-aware. This is a good thing because people don’t want to jeopardize any sorts of important information such as personal and financial data they may store on their electronic devices. The market offers numerous opportunities to obtain reinforced security to protect and enhance the Internet surfing experience, but finding the best online safeguard is the primary objective for many customers today.

Why choose VPN Unlimited as Your Primary Online Safeguard?

One of the great benefits of VPN Unlimited is diversity of the application. The VPN Unlimited is very easy to set up and use. As soon as you are connected to the service, VPN does its own set up automatically, saving your time and effort. VPN services can be used with all major iDevices and Mac OSX, and, recently, Simplex Solutions has produced a Windows version allowing you to use VPN Unlimited with PC as well.

One account can be used in 5 different electronic devices simultaneously. In many cases, our customers agree after they started to use VPN service with unlimited bandwidth, and the connection speed has increased. While VPN technology may look simple, standard security protocols combined with unique encrypting codes insures the reinforced security, stopping any unwanted hacking or sniffing attempts.

To summarize, the use of VPN Unlimited is very beneficial for any users’ category including workers, students, online surfers, etc. Simplex Solutions Inc. offers low-cost package to ensure your online privacy around the clock.

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