Do Cybercrime Threats Seize to Exist when You Go on Vacation?

Updated on July 13, 2021: From now on, traffic filtering, malware protection, and suspicious DNS activity blocking are available as a part of the separate DNS Firewall app.

vpn-football It is official summer is here and taking into consideration all the major events it is about to bring us, including vacations, active week-ends or FIFA 2014 World Cup in Brazil. This summer up to 90% of the Americans will travel say the latest studies. And we passionately agree with the fact that summer is simply brilliant for going to vacations, sporting events, concerts and other ticketed entertainment. Nevertheless, admitting the fact that majority of tickets are purchased online instead of trusted agencies, the doors to cybercriminals are wide open.

Sacrificing personal security, people exchange it for convenience of doing their purchases online. They travel to new destinations and take their online businesses with them. While the idea sounds profoundly attractive, protecting all your online activities is not a choice but a priority. This year’s major even is 2014 FIFA. The experts predict over 4 million people to travel to Brazil. At the same time, home-staying users are sacrificing their online safety to only see the broadcasts of this grandiose event and they get in trouble.

Instead of taking the risks, it is better to take care of your web-related privacy and security and stay online safety-conscious at all times.

When Online Security Matters the Most?

Streaming From Malicious Links

People are using any chance to see the soccer matches when they are unable to attend them live. And their primary mistake is not choosing the official event websites. Back in 2010, spectators watched about 26.7 million hours of World Football Championship and the number will increase this year. As a result, people are stuck using malicious links while cybercriminals do their job of uploading malware on users’ devices.

Invisible Fraudulent Applications

Whether you like it or not, the recent years’ huge events are associated often with the fraudulent apps uploads. Neglecting the app’s authenticity to protect yourself from the cybercrime threats, only official even apps originated from the app store should be used.

Be Aware of the Search Engine Websites Poisoning

Searching for sporting event information may be confusing as user may get into the trap of random third-party links websites. By clicking on the official website links including news and other authentic sources, you consciously staying out of trouble.

Credit Card Fraud

Traveling abroad and new destinations that you have never experienced before is about being excited and staying safe. Making purchases at general shops and doing transactions with unknown companies is about distinguishing between good and bad ‘guys’ that may be involved in prolonged credit card skimming. At this point, stealing your credit card information for savvy cybercriminals is a matter of their level of professionalism and your underestimated trust.

Unrealistically Good Airfares, Hotel Deals and Nonexistent Rentals

When you find online unexpectedly low airfares or suggestions that sound too good to be true, for example ‘stay 1 night + get free hotel staying for 7 days’ that is when your ‘safety guard’ should go to work. The same applies to the third-party vacations rentals that are 100% nonexistent. Taking extra precautions is good start.

The Use of Public WiFi

Considered to be a 100% trustworthy Internet location is the most fragile concept ever. Staying out of cyber ‘troubles’ means accepting the fact that public WiFi access is unsafe. This includes:

a)     not using sensitive information online especially during major events (sports and concerts);

b)     keeping in mind that over hundreds of thousands of devices are connected to event WiFi network;

c)     NO online banking or sending any sensitive information.

To summarize, what is left to say is if you want to stay safe and secured at all times of your most inspiring travel experience, keep VPN Unlimited turned as it will help you stay out of trouble at all times.

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