The Evolution of VPN Unlimited: A Decade of Innovations and Milestones


Since its inception, KeepSolid has been at the forefront of digital security and productivity solutions. Founded by Vasily Ivanov, the company is constantly evolving, introducing new features and technologies to improve the products it offers. In this article, we will highlight VPN Unlimited's key milestones and innovations over the last decade.

2013: Launch and First Steps

In November 2013, VPN Unlimited launched on iOS, starting with two servers in Los Angeles and the Netherlands. This marked the beginning of what has become the company's flagship product, laying the foundation for future growth and expansion.


2014: Expansion to multiple platforms

In 2014, VPN Unlimited expanded its availability on macOS, Windows, Linux and Android, greatly expanding its user base. The service began to include 36 servers in different countries, increasing its global reach and reliability.


2015: Further expansion and rebranding

In 2015, VPN Unlimited went live on Windows Phone (yes, we believed Microsoft would get something right this time around) and increased its server count to 230 across 44 regions. The company also rebranded this year from Simplex Solutions to KeepSolid, reflecting a new focus on providing high-quality security solutions.


2016: Introducing new protocols and features

2016 was a year of significant achievements. In May, the KeepSolid Wise protocol was introduced, allowing users in regions with limited capacity to bypass VPN blockages. In addition, the VPN Unlimited Chrome extension was launched, providing users with greater flexibility and convenience.


2017: Major enhancements and user growth

In 2017, VPN Unlimited released the Wise2 TCP/UDP protocol in September, further improving the reliability and security of the service. By the end of the year, the user base had grown significantly, reaching over 8 million users.


2018: Business solutions and new products

KeepSolid's Business VPN from KeepSolid was launched in 2018, designed to protect corporate data. This new offering is aimed at businesses looking for robust security solutions, which extended the reach of VPN Unlimited.


2019: Introducing enhanced protocols

2019 was a pivotal year with several key updates. In February, KeepSolid launched Fammle, a family organizer app. In June, the WireGuard® protocol was introduced to VPN Unlimited, providing enhanced security and faster connection speeds. August saw the release of KeepSolid VPN Lite on the Windows Store, expanding accessibility. October marked the launch of SmartDNS, allowing users to unblock geo-restricted content without compromising speed. Finally, in November, Goals by KeepSolid was officially released, providing a tool for managing business projects.


2020: Expansion of security features

In March 2020, VPN Unlimited added DNS Firewall, which filters malicious traffic and blocks harmful websites. This feature significantly enhanced the security of the service, providing users with an additional layer of protection. By July, VPN Unlimited had reached 25 million users, a testament to its growing popularity and reliability. Later in October, KeepSolid launched Passwarden, a password manager, and the MonoDefense bundle, combining VPN Unlimited and Passwarden for enhanced security.


2021: New protocols and brand protection

In 2021, VPN Unlimited received WIPO certification, extending brand protection across the European Union, Canada, and the UK. In August, the Wise TLS protocol was released, providing enhanced performance and security.


2022: UI redesign and security enhancements

2022 marked the start of a comprehensive redesign of the VPN Unlimited app across all major platforms. By June, the redesign was complete, offering users a more intuitive and user-friendly interface.


2023: Continued improvements and user support

The year 2023 began with the release of VPN Unlimited Version 9 Design on Windows Standalone and Linux platforms. In March, Blogger Mode was introduced, specifically designed for bloggers, journalists, and content creators. This year also saw numerous bug fixes and patches, improved monitoring, and automatic problem resolution on VPN Unlimited servers.


2024: First quarter updates

The first quarter of 2024 brought significant updates for VPN Unlimited. In January, the Edge Extension was updated to version 9.0.3 and migrated to Manifest v3. In February, the Mac version of 9.0.0 was completely redesigned to improve the user experience, while Chrome Extension v.9.0.5 received bug fixes and new EMA server mirrors. A new MTU feature was introduced, allowing users to customize the size of VPN packets to improve connection stability, especially for those experiencing connectivity issues with DSL internet providers. A new Reddit community for VPN Unlimited users has also been launched to encourage interaction and provide live updates.


What's Next

As we look to the future, VPN Unlimited is set to introduce several exciting new features and enhancements. The MTU (Maximum Transmission Unit) feature will soon be available on Mac and Android, ensuring comprehensive coverage across all platforms. This feature improves connection stability and performance by allowing users to adjust the size of data packets transmitted through the VPN tunnel, catering to various network conditions.

Our team is also diligently working on integrating new protocols to further enhance your VPN experience. While these protocols are still in the testing phase, their rollout will be carefully managed to ensure optimal performance and security. Stay tuned for updates as we continue to enhance our services.

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