Hard Facts On Mobile Shopping: How To Stay Secure

Updated on July 13, 2021: From now on, traffic filtering, malware protection, and suspicious DNS activity blocking are available as a part of the separate DNS Firewall app.

Over half of all online shopping transactions are being done thorough mobile commerce, and the number of mobile shoppers continues to grow.


Why is Mobile Shopping  Extremely Attractive?

If we look at the mobile commerce spending done through smartphones and tablets in U.S. only, it has by far reached the $5.8 billion dollars and these numbers continue to grow. At the same time, we can see an increasing number of mobile security threats that have already achieved 26%. The consumers are not willing to stay vulnerable to mobile cyber-crime or stop the mobile shopping.

The Mobile Security Surveys

The recent mobile security surveys have shown about 90% of U.S mobile shoppers do their shopping through secure computer connections, refusing from the comfortable mobile shopping features. The respondents have admitted that their mobiles lack any kind of security software, being left unprotected. That’s why this section of shoppers prefers doing a secure online shopping using their home computers and laptops. As the mobile security concerns continue to grow, many shoppers confess that they would love to do mobile phone shopping because of its convenience and simplicity, especially during the holiday season.

Mobile Phone Shopping Key Survey Data

  1. At this point over 50% of respondents, both male and female, admitted the convenience of the mobile shopping.
  2. They confessed that the simplicity of an online shopping exceeds their data protection and security concerns.
  3. At this point over 50% of men over women prefer mobile shopping only.
  4. Wealthier survey participants will choose mobile shopping option especially during the holiday season.
  5. Also, the wealthier survey participants admitted the fact that there is no maximum price they are ready to pay for an item they choose to buy.

What Can Stop You from Mobile Shopping?

Take into consideration the following data, released by the renowned Tripware compliance management solutions report.

  • About 60% of U.S. mobile consumers do not have any security software on the mobiles they use.
  • Over 30% U.S. respondents agreed they provide all their credit cards or bank account related information to be transferred through their cell phones.
  • Security specialists agree on the fact that the personal & financial information and corporate data are put to threat.
  • The cyber-crime is an easy target to both personal & financial information and corporate data fraud in this case.

If you take a closer look at the survey, you will find there are only 55% of people, who store essential corporate data, do have their security software installed on their mobiles. Actually, it’s American consumers choice to leave the needed financial and corporate data vulnerable to any cyber-crime activities.

Reducing the Mobile Cyber-Crime Options

The mobile cyber-crime can be stopped with the use of the latest security mobile software. At this point, many companies reinforce the importance of mobile security configuration policies, protecting both mobile shoppers and businesses. However, others wait for a greater issue to happen to start taking actions. The latest reports say that the 2012 had over 80% increase in mobile shopping during the holiday seasons. As more companies offer mobile shopping options, the greater number of consumers choose their mobiles to do the shopping because the extensive convenience features.

How Can You Protect Your Personal & Financial Data?

In order to be confident and have full security protection while the mobile shopping, there are simple guidelines that you can follow:

  1. Protect your personal information and passwords, storing it in the secure, hard-to-reach places.
  2. Do not save any of your financial information in the open. Otherwise, it can be hacked easily.
  3. Avoid using weak passwords, include digits within your passwords.
  4. The pages that you provide the credit card and bank account information should have the https only. If you fail to do that, using the regular http pages, you are put at great risk.
  5. Install VPN software on your mobile. The VPN software will fully encrypt all the transmitted data, sent from your mobile, protecting any kind of information transfer.
  6. Keep in mind, VPN software is used not for shopping only, but it rather should  be used around the clock for any actions that a mobile user does, using WiFi.


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