Get Excited! Luxembourg Virtual Tour

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Lux_server_blog Being small and the least populated country in EU (European Union), Luxembourg encounters about 465,000 people. The country is extremely attractive for tourists due to its vast variety of places for sightseeing and visiting. Starting with exquisite historic city center, where are crammed numerous sites, the tight and crowded streets will amaze the most demanding tourist. Grand Ducal Palace, Cathedral Notre Dame, marvelous historic monuments, bridges, museums and churches, Luxembourg will make you fall in love with it.

Get Amazed!

  1. Grand Ducal Palace – official residence of the Grand Duke, it has enormous size and continues to carry its administrative functions, built in 1500s.
  2. Cathedrale Notre Dame – dated from 1613, offers extreme architecture with huge Art Deco columns.
  3. Gellen Fra (Golden Lady) – exquisite national monument to the fallen soldiers of WWI.
  4. Knuedler – 13th century Place Guillaume II.
  5. Churches – plenty of those to visit around the city.
  6. Ville Basse – old settlements.
  7. Place du Saint-Esprit – better to take the elevator down to Grund.
  8. The casemates and the Chemin de la Corniche – built in the 17th century.
  9. Dent Creuse – means “hollow tooth”.

Did You Know?

  • Luxembourgish – a Franconian dialect of high German;
  • Duchy of Luxembourg – the original county;
  • It is the country of the highest nominal GDP;
  • It’s a tax heaven.
  • It has at least 155 banks.
  • It has European headquarters of Amazon, Skype, Paypal, Rakuten, Rovi Corp., etc.

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