How to Change VPN on Mac to Enjoy Online Freedom

Enjoy online freedom wherever you are Get full control of the online experience right in your hands and keep it that way!

Updated on July 13, 2021: From now on, traffic filtering, malware protection, and suspicious DNS activity blocking are available as a part of the separate DNS Firewall app.

This site is not available in your country. Ugh… It feels like a stab in the heart. VPN Unlimited is here to heal your wounds and help to break free from online restrictions and internet censorship. With as little as a few clicks, you can get full control of the online experience right in your hands and keep it that way.

Keep reading to learn how to deal with internet restrictions and start enjoying online freedom to the fullest!

VPN Unlimited: nice bonus or necessity

Important note: VPN Unlimited is a part of the MonoDefense security bundle.

First things first, most people know that Virtual Private Network, abbreviated as VPN, is a technology that provides unrestricted and free web surfing.

However, that’s only half of the story. VPN is an essential tool for protecting your privacy, securing your internet connection, and encrypting the valuable data you send over the web.

VPN Unlimited offers a number of advantages to its users. Here, check them out and see what our VPN client can do.

Secure your internet traffic and online activities

VPN Unlimited implements the military-grade AES-256 encryption protocol that secures your internet traffic and makes it untraceable for any third parties. Our top-level Virtual Private Network client prevents anyone from breaking through and grabbing your valuable data. Even if a hacker tries to access your info, the only thing they will get is a bunch of encoded symbols.

Protect your devices from malware infection

Thanks to the DNS Firewall feature, you can be sure that your device is reliably protected from any malware infection. DNS Firewall filters all traffic that goes through your device and blocks any suspicious DNS activity. Additionally, this feature blocks websites that contain undesirable content and annoying pop-up windows.

VPN Unlimited application Hide your real IP address and get the IP of another country.

Keep your online reputation under your control

VPN Unlimited allows you to purchase a Personal virtual server and Personal IP address. These extra features prevent you from getting blocked on the internet because of your irresponsible IP-neighbors. Furthermore, with a personal VPN server and clear IP address, you can securely access your social media accounts, cloud storage, banking services, streaming websites, and much more.

Securely download torrents without getting caught

Wondering how to stay anonymous and safe while torrenting? Here is a perfect solution for you! Our secure VPN client implements several dedicated servers for P2P downloading. Connect to any of them and get unlimited bandwidth and lightning-fast connection speed without anyone looking over your shoulder.

Enjoy streaming services from any part of the world

Thanks to a variety of our super-fast virtual servers for streaming, you can get unrestricted access to your favorite streaming services from anywhere in the world. All you need is to choose an appropriate streaming server, grab some popcorn, and let VPN Unlimited do its job.

How to change VPN on Mac to another country and benefit from unrestricted online access

Using a Virtual Private Network client to hide your real IP address and get the IP of another country is in great demand among travelers, streaming fans, and torrent users. In this way, they can easily bypass geo-restrictions, get around internet censorship, and unlock online content that was previously unavailable.

VPN Unlimited provides dedicated servers for streaming, torrenting, and ultimate protection. Additionally, you can get server recommendations based on your current location and network workload.

Now let’s take a closer look at how to change your VPN on a macOS device to get the IP address of a chosen country:

  1. Download VPN Unlimited on your Mac.
  2. Sign in with your KeepSolid ID or create a new one.
  3. Choose the country you want to virtually travel to.
  4. Click the Start button to establish a VPN connection, and that’s it!

A piece of cake, isn’t it?

Satisfy your video streaming appetite with tasty VPN Unlimited benefits

Unlock streaming services with VPN Unlimited. Don’t let streaming restrictions stop you from enjoying original TV shows, breathtaking movies, and much-anticipated sports events!

Bypass geo-restrictions and internet censorship

Firstly, let’s figure out why streaming services deny access to some users. The answer is in the runoff – because of their geographical position. Streaming websites look at the user’s IP address to find out where they are.

One could assume that you only need to get an IP address of the trusted country, and that’s it. Not exactly. Almost all streaming services implement anti-VPN systems, so if you use an IP address from a well-known server, you will probably get blocked as well.

Well, don’t you worry! VPN Unlimited is at your disposal to save the day. Our secure Virtual Private Network solution provides about 10 dedicated streaming servers. Connect to one and get unrestricted access to the respective streaming service.

Access HBO Now, Disney+, BBC iPlayer, etc.

What streaming services can you access? With VPN Unlimited, you can access all the most popular streaming services like Hulu, HBO Now, BBC iPlayer, and lots of other video channels and websites.

Don’t let streaming services stop you from enjoying original TV shows, breathtaking movies, and much-anticipated sports events!

Get unlimited bandwidth and the highest possible connection speed

The KeepSolid team makes every effort to provide our customers with the best service possible. Our reliable VPN solution offers more than 500 high-bandwidth virtual servers in more than 80 locations worldwide, including lightning-fast servers for streaming.

Of course, VPN usage may slightly lower your connection speed. No wonder. To ensure that you always get the highest possible internet speed, we recommend you to reconnect to another VPN server or simply disable your virtual connection (in case you’re using a trusted network), once you get enough of the perfect streaming experience. How to turn off VPN on Mac? Just press the Stop button, and that’s it!

The bottom line on getting online freedom

When talking about internet security and unrestricted online access, there’s no point in picking just one! Our top-level Virtual Private Network solution combines all the right features under one roof:

  • Bulletproof encryption to secure your internet traffic
  • Plenty of dedicated servers to get online freedom
  • Excellent speed to enjoy streaming services 
  • DNS Firewall to protect your devices from malware
  • A Personal IP address to control your online reputation

Get VPN Unlimited right away and enjoy truly private browsing without traffic limitations and geo-restrictions!

Download VPN Unlimited

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