Tips for Cheaper and Safer Traveling with VPN

How to Travel Cheaper, Safer, and Unrestricted Using VPN

Updated on July 13, 2021: From now on, traffic filtering, malware protection, and suspicious DNS activity blocking are available as a part of the separate DNS Firewall app.

Even if you take time to thoroughly study the country of destination, the chance of unwitting violation or occasional culture shock will still remain. Now, to the good news. There are certain universal tools that can help travelers avoid shooting themselves in the foot abroad.

One of such tools is a VPN (Virtual Private Network). Today, we’ll show you some of the common tourists’ problems and how a service like VPN Unlimited can terminate them. 

How to get cheap airline tickets

We’ve discussed this topic in our recent piece on how to book cheap tickets, so we won’t go too deeply here. In short – there are certain airlines and ticket distributors who apply regional pricing to ticket sale. This means that the prices for the same flight may vary (sometimes dramatically), depending on the geographic location of the buyer.

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The rationale behind this practice is that different states have different average spending power. Thus, by adjusting the prices depending on the ASP, airlines can make profits even in locations where nobody would buy tickets at a normal fee. That’s all fine and dandy, but this practice essentially means that if you live in a developed country, you’re bound to overpay for your flights. Doesn’t seem too fair now, does it?

Well, using a VPN you will always have access to the best ticket prices possible. Simply choose the flight and browse various VPN servers until you find the one that enables the price that suits you. Voila! Just don’t forget to clean your cache and cookies, some websites track your visits through them.

Sensitive data protection and online security

Living in, say, the US, you might be accustomed to not take your online security too seriously. After all, major hackers always attract police’ attention, cybercrime prevention is far-reaching and effective, and most networks apply various measures to protect their users. No worries here!

Safe and secure traveling However, if traveling often, you may find yourself in places much more dangerous for your virtual information. This is especially true for those developing countries where cybercrime laws are lackluster to nonexistent. In such situation, any time you enter sensitive information on your gadget and send it online (such as when using your financial credentials to pay with credit card), you pretty much expose it to whoever it may concern.

Another threat to your data comes from public WiFi networks (find more information in this piece). They are usually weakly protected and pretty much anyone can access them. This allows hackers to connect to them and infect them with malware that will read or intercept the traffic on the network. Not only that, but cybercriminals are also known to use fake networks that look indistinguishable from normal ones and will install all sorts of nasty stuff to your device when connected to. So extreme caution is advised when connecting to WiFi in cafes, hotels, public transport, and the like.

Luckily, all of the aforementioned dangers can be easily avoided with VPN Unlimited. Simply launch it every time you have to enter your sensitive data or connect to a public hotspot. Thanks to the military-grade encryption protocols (literally – the US Military uses them), our VPN ciphers all the traffic that goes through the app. This renders such data completely untranslatable and useless for any malefactors, even if they manage to intercept some of your files.

Overcome geo-blocks and get access to restricted content

Staying in a foreign country, especially for a long time, it’s nice to have something that would remind you of home. Many travelers find comfort in turning to their favorite online content, be it Hulu shows, YouTube blogs, or Twitch streams. Alas, here lies a pitfall of sorts, as a traveler might suddenly find themselves unable to access such content. What can be the reason, and how to avoid such adverse situation?

Using internet while traveling There are two types of content restrictions. The first is conducted by certain governments to stop their citizens from accessing content that is considered unwanted. This usually includes understandable things like porn or “adverse” materials, but sometimes it extends to more arguable resources like social networks or Wikipedia. Inability to access the latter kind of resources would come especially problematic if your work is related to them. You may especially need a VPN for China travel, where under block are such services as Google, YouTube, Dropbox, Twitter, Facebook, and many others.

The list of countries with the strictest internet censorship also includes:

  • North Korea
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Iran
  • Vietnam
  • Eritrea
  • Ethiopia
  • Myanmar

Traveling to one of the above countries? No worries! The solution for this problem is as easy as it gets – simply choose a VPN server located outside of the said country. Now you are free to browse your favorite websites once again! 

The second type of content restrictions is a bit more tricky. It is the one that’s put forward by content distributors themselves. Why would they do so, you might ask? Wouldn’t they just lose their potential profits this way? Why yes, this is exactly what happens, and yet sometimes the distributors are obliged to do so. For instance, when some local broadcasting organization has exclusive rights to such content, and so it can be only accessed from its coverage area.

You can probably already see why this type of restrictions lays more complications for VPN users. Yes, you have to know for sure where exactly the content is available and hope that your VPN service provider is present in that area. Well, with 400+ servers in 70+ locations, VPN Unlimited is your safe bet in this respect. We even grant access to some of the services where other VPNs fail, like Disney+, BBC iPlayer, and Hulu.

Maintaining online anonymity

It should be pretty clear from previous sections of this article how careful one should be when using the internet abroad (well, not only abroad, but for the sake of our topic let’s stick to this aspect). And seeing how you are your most valuable asset, your own protection must be number one priority. While nothing will better protect you physically than cautiousness and travel insurance, there is an aspect that only a proper VPN can secure. Namely, your identity and anonymity.

Why is it that valuable? That is, besides the most obvious benefit of potential malefactors not knowing that you might be an attractive target? There are plenty, actually. First and foremost, anonymity when you use internet abroad can come in handy if you unwittingly break some local law. You see, some countries impose rules and limitations that most foreigners will probably find controversial or debatable. Sure, live as the Romans do when in Rome and all that. But is it really fair to punish a newcomer for breaking a fishy law or some unwritten code?

Traveling abroad securely Or worse still, with all the advantages of virtual private networks that we’ve discussed previously, imagine being forbidden to use one! That’s right, countries like China, North Korea, and Russia actually ban VPNs on their territory (more on the topic here). In this case, you’re going to need a specialized VPN capable of bypassing such blockade to still be able to enjoy its benefits. In VPN Unlimited, this is achieved through the use of KeepSolid Wise – a VPN connection concealment technology.

To top this up, VPN Unlimited offers another anonymity-protecting feature that will be especially handy when traveling to places with weak internet connection. We’re talking about the kill switch feature that disables your internet if it detects disruptions or failure of a VPN connection. This protects users from situations where their VPN silently disconnects and they cluelessly continue browsing unprotected.  

Stay intact while going out of the box – a motto worth employing. And with travel being arguably the best way to challenge yourself, VPN is just the right tool to keep it safe. Check this out yourself!

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