How to Instantly Improve Your Gaming Experience

Updated on July 13, 2021: From now on, traffic filtering, malware protection, and suspicious DNS activity blocking are available as a part of the separate DNS Firewall app.

The global gaming industry has grown a lot recently, offering more and more multi-player games with their stunning graphics and engaging scenarios. As a result, a number of modern gamers has greatly increased as well, and new players continue to join online gaming every day. However, all these factors have led to the undesirable consequences.

Theoretically, having a robust internet connection, you can choose your favorite game, and freely dive into the virtual adventures anytime and anywhere. But, is it really so?

Security issue

Now most games have a multiplayer element. If they don’t, then they are linked to a community or an account. Yet, your gaming account is an appealing target for cyber criminals. If they succeed to get to your account, there will be nothing to stop them from snooping your personal data from passwords to private correspondence, to financial information, like credit card details. This is not what you were expecting, right?

Or, hackers may use your gaming account for spamming purposes that most likely will affect your online reputation. In this case, your IP address will be blocked without the right to access some gaming services.

Accessibility issue

Moreover, it is widely known that many online services and websites show different content, depending on the region you are opening them from, or may even be totally blocked. The gaming services are not the exception. Today, to bypass regional locks and restrictions that are placed on popular games is one of the biggest challenges for players in many countries all over the world.

Connectivity issue

Another issue is lag, or latency. This is a round-trip delay time between the action of players and the reaction of the server that is critical to the results and overall performance of most games. As a general rule, the longer the distance between your device and the gaming server, the more lag you face. It’s unbearable when every second counts.

Does it mean you need to move to another country to access your favorite game, or be closer to the gaming server to get a more stable connection? Well, you don’t have to.

One-box solution

VPN Unlimited solves all these issues. This is a well-trusted service that provides you an increased security and freedom while you’re playing online. Do you need a preventative measure to protect yourself from the account or even identity theft? VPN Unlimited is just what you need. It will encrypt your web traffic, allowing to safely interact on any network, including public, shared, or office connections. With this security tool, you will avoid interceptions, and stop prying eyes from tracking and monitoring you.

Additionally, with its Personal Server offering, you will get the immense speed for a better gaming experience. Your Personal Server is dedicated only to you, which means you don’t share your traffic or bandwidth among hundreds or even thousands of other users, as there are no other users on your personal server. Select a VPN server closer to the gaming server and you will greatly reduce lag and ping times.

If in short, here are the benefits of using VPN Unlimited for gaming:

  • Free access to geo-blocked games
  • Dedicated gaming servers for a better performance with the lowest ping and lag times
  • An “early access” to games by using servers in countries with the earlier release dates
  • Strong security for your sensitive data
  • Protection against DDoS attacks

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