Modern Business-Oriented VPNs — Is There Such a Thing?

Modern Business-Oriented VPN — Is There Such a Thing?

Updated on July 13, 2021: From now on, traffic filtering, malware protection, and suspicious DNS activity blocking are available as a part of the separate DNS Firewall app.

Updated on Jan. 10, 2020

If you’re owning a business or a startup, chances are considerable that you are utilizing VPNs in one way or another. After all, being able to protect your data and avoid internet throttling is priceless for companies of any scale or industry. However, let’s face it – most of the VPN solutions currently on the market were created with B2C in mind. Which still makes them half-decent for business use in some respects (one-eyed man is king and all). But overall, private VPNs usually end up somewhat lackluster when it comes to the corporate sector. Are there any B2B-oriented alternatives out there?

VPNs for team vs. private VPNs vs. corporate VPNs of the past

Why, there are indeed! Solutions such as VPN Unlimited Team offer numerous features in addition to the ones that are basic for all VPNs. Usually, these extra features are specifically developed around corporate needs. In our case, they also are based on the list of the most common requests that various companies have been sending towards our B2C solution, VPN Unlimited.

As a sidenote, we would like to address a common misconception that business VPNs are in some ways similar to the VPNs from the early 2000s that were only available for businesses back then. For the sake of clarity, we will address the latter as corporate VPNs from now on. This opinion couldn’t be further from the truth. If you are curious about the details, we’re planning a piece on the history of VPNs soon, so stay tuned.

Long story short, early VPN services were costly, bulky, and required technical knowledge to manage. So the only reason they would exclusively be used by large corporations is because such companies were among the few entities that could actually afford a VPN. Luckily, as the technology developed, private-use VPN services that we are all familiar with have emerged. And now, having satisfied the B2C segment and with all the legacy preserved, VPN technology is evolving to meet the ever-growing demand of the business sector.

Benefits of VPN for teams

VPN Unlimited Team Example

Now, with that fallacy beaten, let’s get back to the features that differentiate business VPNs from the private ones. Keep in mind though that what we are going to discuss here are the hallmarks unique specifically to our solution. Now, without further ado, the additional features in VPN for teams by KeepSolid are as follows:

  • Team/user subscriptions management by a single administrator. This allows to control the company’s security on a centralized basis. While a small startup will probably have no issues managing a couple of VPN clients, the larger your organization gets, the more handy this feature becomes.
  • User friendly, intuitive admin panel. It’s elementary to figure out and doesn’t take any technical skills, relieving you from the necessity to hire expensive IT specialists.
  • Private VPN server per 10 users. This point is beneficial in many ways. It allows you to avoid the situation when you lose access to a website because your IP gets compromised on it by one of the thousands other users who share this server. This also ensures that you get the best connection speed possible thanks to the low server workload.
  • Shared Personal IP. This feature makes it look like your remote workers operate from within your main office. Really handy for earning extra professional credibility from your clients and partners. Additionally, you can restrict access to certain corporate resources for everyone but a single IP to make sure that only your employees can reach them.
  • Routing (work in progress). Makes it look like all users share the same local network wherever they are actually located. One of the possible applications of this feature is a shared use of the devices within that local network.

As you can see, business VPNs provide an array of neat features that would complement any organization. So, if you’re still wondering whether you need one… Let’s put it that way: if you need a VPN for personal use, we suggest that you try specialized B2C services, like the aforementioned VPN Unlimited. However, if you own a company or a successful startup, then a tailored solution such as Business VPN by KeepSolid becomes vital.

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