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Global Netflix Price Comparison List | Best Netflix Subscription By Countries

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Updated on Nov. 13, 2019

Almost every TV shows fan dreams about an unlimited Netflix subscription. Or even about a lifetime one. Actually, the perfect option would be to combine both items in one subscription. Just imagine how awesome it is – to lay in your bed, doing nothing, eating snacks, and watching movies and series for eternity… And, as the icing on the cake, all that at the cheapest price tag. Ideally, the free one 😁

Unfortunately, that’s an impossible dream. In real life you have only 3 options:

  1. Buy a basic Netflix subscription for your country
  2. Pack your bags and move to the country with cheapest Netflix subscriptions in the world
  3. Use a well-trusted VPN software with streaming servers, like KeepSolid VPN Unlimited, and enjoy Netflix anywhere in the world

Our team knows everything about Netflix price comparison by country. Which country has the best Netflix? What is the Netflix cheapest price? What is the cheapest Netflix subscription in the world? How to enjoy Netflix anywhere in the world? Check it out!

International pricing: Netflix price comparison by country

First things first, we should note that Netflix is a huge international media-services provider and Netflix list of countries consists of 190+ locations all over the world. This streaming service allows users to access a great variety of films and TV shows, a part of which the company produces itself. And as you probably know, Netflix has different price tags for its subscriptions in different countries. The reasons vary – from different number of available content for a particular country, to regional pricing.

If we consider all of the Netflix subscriptions by country and compare its number of available content and price tags, we’ll see an interesting statistic. For instance, Turkey is the cheapest country to use Netflix in, its subscription costs only $3,27 per month. At the same time, Japan is considered to be the most cost-effective country with its 5986 of available content and $5,86 per month. The United States is obviously the winner when it comes to the number of available TV shows. Denmark is the most expensive country and Norway is the least cost-effective.  

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Netflix price comparison: How many TV shows will you get for a monthly subscription in the most cost-effective countries for Netflix?

1) USA: 1682 TV shows for $7,99/mo

2) United Kingdom: 1566 TV shows for $7,87/mo

3) Canada: 1523 TV shows for $6,90/mo

4) Australia: 1520 TV shows for $7,40/mo

5) India: 1465 TV shows for $7,28/mo

6) Japan: 1372 TV shows for $5,86/mo

7) Slovakia: 1292 TV shows for $9,34/mo

8) Hungary: 1291 TV shows for $9,34/mo

9) Singapore: 1186 TV shows for $8,01/mo

10) Brazil: 1027 TV shows for 5,36/mo

Why does the USA seem to be the best country for Netflix?

  • The largest number of TV shows. According to the statistics and our Netflix price comparison,, the US residents can access 1682 TV shows and it is the largest number among all the countries. So, watch the US Netflix if you are a true TV series fan, this is definitely your best country for Netflix.
  • Netflix secret categories. The US Netflix has more than 20 hidden categories in its catalogue. By purchasing American subscription, you get not only the Dramas category, but also Teen Drama, Crime Drama, etc. These hidden categories will help you to find the most relevant TV shows and movies that you’d like to watch. By the way, you can follow the New on Netflix USA to always keep abreast of newest TV shows.
  • English lessons. Everybody knows that watching TV shows in English helps you to improve your language skills. Since the American subscription provides you with the biggest catalogue of original content, you should definitely try it. Subscribe to the US Netflix library and see for yourself 🙂

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How to enjoy the best country of Netflix price comparison list from anywhere in the world?

Easy-peasy! Just follow our step-by-step guide:

  1. Install VPN Unlimited on your device
  2. Create your KeepSolid ID if you still haven’t one
  3. Go to the Streaming servers and connect to the Netflix server
  4. Go to the Netflix official website
  5. Enjoy Netflix anywhere in the world!
February 19, 2019