Are You Prepared for the Amazing FIFA 2014 World Cup Event?

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FIFA-travel The 2014 FIFA event has started and it is going to be the most grandiose sporting event on the whole planet, taking place in Brazil. The reason that Brazil was chosen to hold the most massive event and it is rather momentous because football here is considered to be iconic. While great number of people currently travel to Brazil to enjoy watching the soccer play live, as any other sporting & traveling event requires preparation to make the experience simply unforgettable. Now, we are willing to provide you with the most handy tips on how to ‘samba’ through these sporting matches.

Prepare to have an Amazing Lifetime Experience at the World Cup 2014

  1. FIFA 2014 World Cup takes place in Brazil from June 12 – July 13.
  2. 32 teams are ready to compete for the world title and trophy.
  3. It is 19th World Cup tournament this year.
  4. 8 nations have been World Cup champions – Brazil (5), Italy (4), Germany (3), Uruguay (2), Argentina (2), England (1), France (1), and Spain (1). Who are you betting on this year?

Are Your FIFA 2014 Tickets Authentic?

The mass media has notified many times about FIFA 2014 ticket authenticity. Purchased from only global direct FIFA 2014 dealers, the ticket has such crucial info: Match Fixture (ex.: 1A v 2B), match number (17), event’s date and kick off time, location, purchaser’s name, seat category, price, sector color, etc.

Note: Do not fold, puncture, tear of bend the ticket. It contains attached chip for additional authentication.

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