VPN Unlimited Pulls Indian VPN Servers Due to New Data Law

All Indian servers will be closed on June 22, 2022, due to new Cyber Security Directions

VPN Unlimited regrets to announce that all servers in India will be shut down on June 22, 2022, because of the data-collection requirement of the Indian statе. 

Indian authorities implement new policies to fight cybercrimes. We understand the Indian Government’s intent to provide safe and trusted internet we completely support it. But the new regulation in its current form affects not only hackers but ordinary people as well. The applicable laws essentially require internet services to collect personal data and keep activity logs of internet users. 

According to The Indian Computer Emergency Response Team report, “Virtual Private Server (VPS) providers, Cloud Service providers, VPN service providers, and government organizations” shall follow the directive, called Cyber Security Directions, that requires them to store customers’ names, email addresses, IP addresses, know-your-customer records and financial transactions for a period of five years and submit them to Indian authorities on demand. 

Thus, due to the ultimatum nature of the statement by the Government of India regarding the activities of VPN providers, VPN Unlimited is forced to withdraw its servers from India. 

The cornerstone of the VPN Unlimited service is the privacy protection of its users and one of the fundamental principles is neither keeping users' logs nor tracking their activity. And it stays the same. 

We are extremely concerned about this political move in one of the largest world democracies. We hope for possible changes to protect the human’s most important right of free communication in India as our mission has always been to provide users all over the world with the most reliable and helpful cyber-security solutions to guarantee total internet protection and access to all available information.

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