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Updated on July 13, 2021: From now on, traffic filtering, malware protection, and suspicious DNS activity blocking are available as a part of the separate DNS Firewall app.

Free access to social media and entertainment websites is the question of controversy for a great while. A lot of executives all around the world choose to implement such content restrictions, explaining that this is done with a noble goal to improve productivity and high work standards. However, this approach isn’t the best one, and is considered to be ineffective. Moreover, it can reflect senior managers’ lack of understanding of how the modern digital world operates.

Blocked access to social media affects the progress

WorkFacebook According to the latest research in this field, almost 100% of business decision-makers use social media for work purposes. They are reading or commenting on blogs, watching videos, posting reviews, searching necessary profiles – all in the context of their business activities. Today, social media is a form of free advertising that opens communication lines with potential clients and enhances a company’s reputation. Among the widely used content to these ends, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google Plus are the most adopted ones.

Some network administrators go as far as restricting access to file sharing services, which sometimes could be absolutely essential to your workflow – and again solely with good intentions. But you know what they say – “the road to hell is paved with good intentions.”

There is more to the productivity issue

Productivity of the employees is not measured by the time they spend in non-work activities during the office hours. It is measured by the achieved goals and results. A study conducted at the University of Melbourne found that the use of social media for pleasure can actually help to increase employee performance.

According to the study, employees who are having a break between the completion of one task and the start of another with free access to their Facebook or Twitter accouts are more invigorated and get 9% more accomplished than their colleagues with restricted access to social media.

That’s why, to use the content filtering at the office networks sometimes means the dicrease in productivity. To the contrary, this censorship is easy to bypass by using a virtual private network service.

  • There is a slight hitch – social media use in schools

Social media and entertainment websites access restrictions are common not only for office networks but also for schools, including libraries, computer labs, and classroms. We are friendly to such policy and do not recommend children to use this content during studies, first of all, because it distracts attention and disimproves self discipline.

If you still face ‘access denied’

All these workplace Internet access restrictions are made possible by office firewalls, which means they have nothing to do with the device you’re using, but rather, depend on the network being used for accessing the Internet.

VPN Unlimited allows you to effectively leapfrog all local restrictions and therefore solve issues of blocked access to any website or service you might need to access. Our service offers a direct and untraceable connection from your device to a remote server that becomes your entry point to the global net.

Activate VPN Unlimited and establish useful connections via social media to take your business to the next level.


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