How Secure is Your VPN Protocol?

Updated on July 13, 2021: From now on, traffic filtering, malware protection, and suspicious DNS activity blocking are available as a part of the separate DNS Firewall app.


How to select and assess security of VPN Providers?

A Virtual Private Network, or VPN, ensures secure communication among remote electronic devices during the use the of WAN, public wide area network such as Internet and especially WiFi. As soon as the two electronic devices share WAN, the role of VPN communication is to create a secure tunnel, which is also known as IPsec, an IP Security.

All VPN providers fall under the unidirectional agreement with the Security Association (SA) and they use secure methods to protect the online communication. Primarily, VPN users should know the basic security functions that VPN service provides them with.

  1. 100% Privacy, using the methods of data encryption;
  2. Content integrity as a data authentication;
  3. Use of certificates for sender authentication made through data origin authentication.

There are two basic security functions, and the user’s needs determine their use. People can use authentication packet with no encryption if they want content integrity. Conversely, to retain their privacy, they can use the encryption packet only. Nevertheless, the VPN Unlimited and other VPN providers choose to encrypt the data and authenticate the packet, as well as use the replay-protection for their VPN traffic to ensure the highest level of reinforced communication protection.

What is Encryption and why is it used for VPN Security Protocols?

Basically, encryption is a data encoding process. The encoded information packets cannot be opened and read by anyone especially the trespassers or hackers because they lack the necessary keys and passwords. VPN services allow the data to enter the tunnel, encrypting it. At the other end, the VPN application helps to decrypt the data on user’s side. As you may have guessed by now, VPN providers use more than single encryption to ensure their users’ online safety, and that’s why VPN Unlimited uses IPsec, also known as Internet Protocol Security.

Additional Terminology Info

  • Tunneling is a method of information transfer that most VPN providers rely on. As the files are broken into a great number of packets or series of packets. At this point, the information packet is placed and moves within a virtual “private” tunnel, ensuring it cannot be intercepted.
  • Encapsulation is a term that describes the outer layering of the packet. The encapsulation is created on both ends: the server and the user’s app. On one end, the information packed is encapsulated by being placed into VPN secure packet. On the other end, the packet is being opened and the information is being taken out. Encapsulation makes sure that no data can be read.
  • Tunneling Protocol allows to add additional security layers that protect the info packet on its Internet trip.

What is IPsec?

IPsec stands for Internet Protocol Security, and it is used to create secure IP (Internet Protocol) communication. Each IP packet obtains reinforced security through encryption and authentication. Each online session that the user starts is conducted with stating the mutual authentication between the two agents. As a result, IPsec protects the data flow between the two hosts including:

  1. Host-to-Host;
  2. Network-to-Network;
  3. Network-to-Host.

What are basic IPsec Standards?

IPsec is all about building security architecture by following the listed below protocols that perform a whole variety of functions. All IPsec functions lead to producing extra safe online communication environment for VPN Unlimited customers.

  1. Authentication Headers, AH, provides basic integrity and authentication for data origin.
  2. Encapsulating Security Payloads, ESP, ensures full confidentiality.
  3. Security Associations, SA, offers necessary algorithms parameters, required for secure AH and ESP operating.

While the process may seem much more difficult for understanding, the mentioned above IPsec security elements offer reinforced data security. As a result, VPN client gets his much required Internet safety, knowing that all of his online communications is protected.

What is OpenVPN®?

OpenVPN® is an application that implements basic VPN techniques and creates secure point-to-point connections. OpenVPN® uses SSL/TLS and is capable of overcoming NATs (Network Address Translators) and firewalls. The most significant feature of OpenVPN® is the ability to create unique for every client authentication certificate. OpenVPN® assists to create a unique encryption and transport all user’s information in the reinforced security manner.

Basic OpenVPN® features include:

  • Pre-shared secret key;
  • Unique to every user Certificates;
  • Username/Password.

As a result, OpenVPN® offers secure encryption of the data and the control channels. Keep in mind, OpenVPN® and IPsec are used to create certificates to be used in the protocol that are unique for every user. Also, it is important to mention that the positive side of OpenVPN® includes speed and efficiency, as well as high-level data protection. This is one of the highly sought and recommended VPN encryptions.

To Summarize

As you can see, getting to know the terminology and acquiring the basic understanding of essential VPN components is not as challenging as one might think. It is also important to mention that VPN Unlimited utilizes IPsec and OpenVPN® to make sure that our clients are safe online. VPN Unlimited uses IPsec for iPhone/iPad and Mac OS X online safety, and Open VPN is used for MS Windows. The use of unique certificates for every user login and every device while connecting through IPsec and OpenVPN®, offers high level of reinforced security of data transfer. We have done our best to acquaint you with the most secure VPN features so you can have the knowledge and make an assumption that VPN Unlimited is one of the most secure VPN providers available on the market today.

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