Securest Mailing Services: How to Boost Your Email Security with VPN Unlimited

How to boost your email security with VPN Unlimited

One of the many modern means of communication is email. Email service has many components. But, there are security risks, and how to make email secure keeps rising. 

Email System – Basic Info

Before we head to discuss the Email security issues, we need to understand the basics of an email system. First, we know Email is the fastest method of reaching another person on the web world. 

There are two parts of a mailing system, a mail client and a mail server. A mail client is a part that you use to send the email to another individual. If we can simplify this part, the mail client is the system's structure that sends your emails. In this part, the system composes, sends, and also saves the email messages on the sender's device. 

The other part of the email system is a mail server. Mail server is the device that you use to send an email. It can be a computer, mobile phone, and tablet. Therefore, a mail server delivers, stores, and forwards the email messages to the receiver. So, to get the best results out of your email system, you should take care of your Email security. 

We need to have the best Email security. This process requires better management and planning. Also, as we apply a procedure, we'll keep the whole system in our minds. If we want to save ourselves from Email theft, it is vital to learn about Email security. 

Email Security

It is the name of a process in which we protect our email content, account, and the whole communication with another person. The process to protect Email security is to stop any third-party access to the email chain and system. 

If you face an Email theft issue, it can lead to leakage of sensitive data and info. This leakage can result in defamation, personal loss, and financial problems as well. However, there are many techniques and processes to save ourselves from Email theft. 

Basic Need for Email Security 

Now we understand that Email theft is the top problem we can face in the web world. So, the question, how to make email secure seems logical and vital. But before we answer the said question, we must understand the reasons for needing better email security

Cyber Attacks

Emails are the most common and easy source for Cyberattacks around the world. Phishing, a type of cyberattack, arrives on your computer through emails. If you click those emails or download a file from them, the security of your device security won't be the same. Experts mention that hackers send you phishing files via email 96% of the total attempts. 

Spam Attacks

Every email system these days has a spam filter that removes suspected emails automatically. But, ransomware attacks can bypass the spam filter. Hackers create a fake email that looks like those of the CEOs of famous companies. These attacks are increasing in numbers and becoming complex every passing day. 

Financial Attacks

Email attackers target your finances. These attacks helped them make $1.8 billion in 2020 (source: FBI). Thus, causing the public to lose their valuable amount. The target of these attacks is usually public admins, professionals, and industry owners. Therefore, to avoid financial losses and Email theft, your cyber security system should be the best. 

Data Security

Email attackers don't target you for the money at the beginning. Instead, they aim to find your sensitive data so they can get a tremendous amount in return. For example, 22% of phishing attacks are for sensitive data (Source: Verizon).

The solution

There are many ways through which you can solve the riddle of how to make email secure. The primary step is to set up a secure email password for your account. But, despite all the efforts, your email account is at risk. 

In this situation, the best solution is to use the VPN Unlimited software. 


VPN means Virtual Private Network. It is an alternate method to connect with the web world. In a normal situation, your IP address is visible to the public. This address is the way to get details of your location. Also, there are other aspects of the internet public in the normal situation.

But this process exposes you to the threats, with VPN Unlimited being the way out of the threats. Many companies claim to provide the best VPN on the web, and every one of them has its features. But, before selecting a VPN Unlimited software, we must understand its details.

Basic Info

VPN Unlimited connection is like a pipeline that connects your device to the web world. All the data that you transmit by using the internet connection travel through the pipeline. Thus, keeping your data safe. A third party can't interfere or see your data traveling through the channel. A best VPN connection links you to the web world within seconds. 

Hackers use your public info like the IP address to know details about your location. A best VPN connection hides your IP address like a mask and replaces it with an alternate IP address. This IP address shows your location in a different country, thanks to the best VPN. Thus, protecting your location and identity

As we know, email security is the primary concern we are discussing here today. But, we can overcome this situation by using a VPN Unlimited connection. A VPN software has many features. For example, we can use a VPN connection to block all unwanted emails. Also, the best VPN can detect files in an attachment to save you from a phishing attack. 

Selection of VPN

There are many options for VPN software on the internet. But before signing up, always read reviews about the VPN company on the web world. We should not trust a couple of thoughts as it is easy to plant them. But, if a company has dozens or hundreds of positive reviews like VPN Unlimited does, it’s sure to be a legit deal.

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