Security conference – doesn’t mean your personal data is secure

Updated on July 13, 2021: From now on, traffic filtering, malware protection, and suspicious DNS activity blocking are available as a part of the separate DNS Firewall app.

Hacking at industry events is becoming quite trendy. At first, this statement seems at the very least surprising. But after a little research, it turns out to be a grave question. Each conference usually witnesses tens of thousands of attendees, and you never know what goals they pursue. It may be to share experience, to adopt new methods, or… to cause some mischief.

However, to get hacked at a conference for IT professionals is the worst case scenario. According to some experts adviсe, to stay safe at the events, attend them just with a notepad and a pen. You may also have a burner phone, but you should use it as a phone only – with no Wi-Fi, no Bluetooth, and no apps.

Protect your data prior to the event

This sounds odd and simply impossible in the age of information technologies. That’s why, we decided to sum up the most efficient security recommendations for you to get ready for the event in advance.

1. Update your software
Make sure you updated all of your software, including the operating system, the Internet browser and the applications. In this case, all currently known security vulnerabilities will be foreseen and patched that will prevent hackers from remotly controlling your computer or installing malware.

2. Avoid public Wi-Fi
This warning referrs to all unknown free public Wi-Fi hotspots, including the conference Wi-Fi. You never know if it was invaded by cyber criminals. If you can’t go without Internet, use your own portable hotspot or 3G/4G/LTE connection. This will protect your personal and company data from being snooped.

3. Switch off Bluetooth
When your Bluetooth is active, attackers can have an access to your incoming calls, contacts, sms, identity detection and geo-position. They can even end your current call, change time or alarms and turn off the network. So keep your Bluetooth off. We also recommend to switch off NFC, Airdrop, and server based applications that accept connections from the network.

4. Never plug your devices into the foo
If you need to charge your device, use your own gear. Don’t trust the legitimate looking USB power outlet or charging stations, simply because you have no idea what is behind this free service, and what will be waiting for you on the other end: an extra boost of power or a trap.

5. Use virtual private network
Our flagman security app, VPN Unlimited, will encrypt all the network data flowing to and from your device. You can safely conduct banking transactions globally, carry on the business correspondence, and connect to any Wi-Fi hotspot securely as all your data will pass through the safe tunnel, hence, will be hidden from the cyber criminals.

Conference-cybersecurity Well, if you are going to attend the nearest security event – European Smart Grid Cyber Security Conference 2016 – that actually started today, on 7th March, keep in mind that our well trusted VPN solution will undertake security issue so that you are able to focus on your targeted goals at the conference, without any distractions. You may also rest assured, all your sensitive information will be safe and protected with VPN Unlimited.

Have a great and useful time.

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