How to Stop Worrying About Security of Mobile Web Surfing?

Updated on July 13, 2021: From now on, traffic filtering, malware protection, and suspicious DNS activity blocking are available as a part of the separate DNS Firewall app.

Not a long time ago, web surfing felt pretty safe for everyone. We connected to the Internet over landlines and browsed the web without even thinking that someone could be interested in tracing our online activities. The very few of us cared about encrypting traffic or getting anonymous IP address. So, why should we take online safety so seriously today?

how to stop worrying about secure web surfing

Using open WiFi can be risky

These days most of us use mobile devices. They allow going online wherever we are: in the coffee shops, airports or, when on the public transport, via WiFi hotspots.

Unfortunately, such networks do not protect connection and your traffic may become the easy target for someone with specialised “sniffing” software on their laptops. They will be able to see websites you are visiting, read you emails and messages and will be able to intercept credentials or other security details in case they are transmitted via unprotected connection.

Not all services that we trust personal information are secure enough

We use many more online services: cloud storages, social networks and various tools, than we did only a few years ago. We grew on using and trusting them so much that, from time to time, we may upload this or that kind of private or sensitive information there.

It goes without saying that, all security services offer encrypted connection and keep your data under lock with the military-grade protection. Unfortunately, lots of popular cloud storages, social networks and online tools do not provide sufficient level of security and you cannot be sure that your messages, comments, pictures or files won’t get into someone else’s hands.

Our online privacy is in question

There is hardly anyone today, who has a warm fuzzy feeling about their online privacy. Taking into account that information on our online activities is collected all over the web, it’s only natural that we feel uncomfortable, if not frustrated about privacy.

How to get the piece of mind about online security?

They are just a few concerns but, if they resonate with yours, it’s time to take security of web surfing into your own hands. So, what to look for, if you want to protect your Internet connection and online privacy once and for good?

One of the options can be setting up VPN or Virtual Private Network – as simple as that. In plain words, Virtual Private Network lets establish secure tunnel between your devices and the Web. It encrypts everything you are sending online, thus eliminating any chance that someone could eavesdrop your activities. All traffic is rooted via the servers of the VPN service, so no one can actually trace your location and identify your personality if you seriosly concerned about your privacy. Another benefit is that it gives you ability to bypass any restrictions and access favourite content wherever you are.

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