Top 3 Inspirations for Winter Holidays Gifts (for Those Who Missed Something Important)

Top 3 Inspirations for Winter Holidays Gifts for Those Who Miss Something

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Ho Ho Ho! Can you feel the Christmas Tree scent and the cold breath of winter? Yeah, Christmas has just passed. However, to everybody’s joy, the New Year holiday is around the corner. And so is the appropriate mood: jingle bells, gifts wrapped with a big red bow, smiling snowmen, and flickering candles. Days become shorter and give way to the magic lights and a fairy-tale atmosphere. If you haven’t got to prepare gifts for your friends and family yet, this is the high time you put a thinking cap on.

As we at KeepSolid team were garlanding the office, we came up with some gift ideas. Of course, we don’t know your near and dear ones, however we’d like to inspire the ideas of cool presents in you.

#1 Handmade

Since the world market is full of different things, we have no need to think much about making gifts nowadays. We take it easy, buy something, and forget about putting our heart into the present, even in small things like writing wishes in cards by ourselves. Top 3 Inspirations for Winter Holidays Gifts for Those Who Miss Something However, sometimes it’s quite hard to choose a present for a person who has everything. Or you might be on a tight budget. Or you’ve already bought the main present and now you want to add something special. In any case, you should try making gifts with your own hands cause it’s a perfect way to demonstrate your feelings.

How about cardmaking or scrapbooking? It’s not that hard, lots of stores for handmade can be found in every city. All you need is a pair of scissors, glue, paper, stencil, and some decorations. There you go, a little love letter or a memory book made by you. You may think up anything: a toy, a decorative pillow, or a patchwork quilt. Your gift opportunities are limited only by your imagination! In addition, if you worry about presentable appearance of your gift, YouTube has dozens of educational videos about decorating.

#2 Spirit of winter holidays

The most common associations for “Winter holidays” are the warmth of a fireplace, homey home, Santa’s laugh, and the feeling of fairy tale. Therefore, we suggest you to buy something which will bring out these wonderful associations and feelings. Maybe your significant other will like warm socks or a funny sweater with Rudolph. Or a plaid blanket that will keep your friend warm in the cold winter nights. And of course, candy canes and chocolates that will hit any sweet tooth taste.

#3 Trendy gifts

That’s fine if sometimes you have absolutely no idea what to get as a gift. In such situations even plenty of holiday mood and desire to make presents won’t always help you. Having given your heart to someone special, you’d probably like to please this person with something that will be reminding about you all year long. A good option here is to review the most popular present wish lists. As Ypulse puts it, both males and females prefer to receive technology, money, or gift cards the most. So you might as well add those to your Santa’s present list.

For instance, if your significant others spend a lot of time with their devices, it would be a sound idea to present them a sense of security and freedom through buying a VPN Unlimited subscription. Since it’s a gift subscription to a top-notch virtual private network, you will have cake and eat it. Our app securely encrypts user’s data, and if you buy it to someone in your family, you may set up VPN Unlimited on your router and protect all devices connected to it.

With everything said and done, we hope your winter holidays will be absolutely marvelous. We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! ♫

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