Top 5 VPN Myths. Debunked

Updated on July 13, 2021: From now on, traffic filtering, malware protection, and suspicious DNS activity blocking are available as a part of the separate DNS Firewall app.

It is widely known that a Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a decades-old technology that allows any computer to securely connect to a remote server in a distant location, yet appear as it is connected locally. This fact is beyond argument. In the meantime, there are still a lot of common misconceptions and myths about the VPN itself, how it works, what issues it solves, and more.

Today, we are debunking the top 5 myths about the VPN service, and the security it provides. We hope the information that is given in this post will lead to a more proper and clear understanding of the VPN industry. To get things started, here’s Myth no. 1.

Myth 1: I really don’t need to use a VPN

This is a common excuse amongst those, who believe that no one would ever want to breach their network, or that their network doesn’t have any data anyone else would ever be interested in. People usually think that only journalists, politicians, and more power players are the real target for cyber criminals.

The bottom line is that not just the big names get breached. Every internet user, who does online banking or shopping sends the confidential data over insecure connections. This data is the real target for adversaries.

Only when enabling a well-trusted VPN service, like VPN Unlimited, all your traffic becomes encrypted that makes it unattainable for unwanted third parties. The service is very easy to install, configure, and use. If during one of these processes, questions will appear anyway, please go to our Info tab → Manuals, choose the guide that suits your needs, and follow simple steps to make your connection secure and protected.

Myth 2: Any VPN logging is bad

On one of the SXSW conferences Edward Snowden said “One of the things I would say to a large company is not that you can’t collect any data, but that you should only collect the data and hold it for as long as necessary for the operation of the business.” Moreover, minimal logging can provide VPN users a lot of benefits.

The particular information allows VPN providers to identify and fix low-level service issues, optimizing the network connection. As a result, users will experience the improved speed and performance. The VPN Unlimited only retains the minimum amount of data to make our service really customer-oriented and more convenient for you, and we delete the data as soon as we don’t need it. More information on what exactly we log is stated in details in our Privacy Policy.

Myth 3: VPN’s make you safe from internet-borne attacks

Just because you use a VPN service this does not mean you are immune to all malwares, viruses and other online threats. VPN is not a firewall. If you use it to download infected content, your system will most probably end up infected. Thus, it is still a good idea to have defensive tools such as antivirus, antimalware, intrusion detection/prevention systems, or other tools.

Myth 4: Privacy companies don’t collect or sell my data

Today, a number of marketing companies have joined the privacy field, offering free services. They usually require access to more information than they can protect, abusing the trust of their users. It is important to remember that there’s no such thing as a free lunch.

Just because a company offers a privacy product or service does not mean it will keep your data secure and private. You need to think twice whether you trust the company and open the access to your sensitive data, or you reject the service. As a rule, you need to give up something to get something else in return. In this case, you may give up quite a lot.

As an example, the Privacy Policy of one of such companies states “Analyzing your use of mobile applications and data, which may include combining such information (including personally identifying information) with information we receive from Affiliates or third parties; Providing market analytics, business intelligence, and related services to Affiliates and third parties; Operating the Services, such as virtual private networks and device monitoring.”

Myth 5: All VPN’s are the same

There is a great variety of VPN protocols, levels of encryption, and other specifications that are necessary for the development of a security tool. Each company chooses what components it will use to create its own VPN service. This makes the statement that all VPN’s are the same false.

As for VPN Unlimited, it uses top-grade encryption methods and advanced protocols to secure your connection, protect your online privacy, and hide your personal data from hackers and snoopers.

VPN is a terrific tool for enhancing security, but not all services will give you the very level of protection you are looking for. Don’t spare your time, do some research to be sure that the service you choose will be the most reliable safeguard for you while you are surfing the web.

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