#KeepSolidSportingEvents Challenge | Top Sporting Events Calendar 2019

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Hey, sports fans! Did you like our previous #KeepSolidSportingEvents challenge? How many days in a row did you enjoy sporting events from our September-December Sporting Events Calendar? Well, if you’re already missing your favorite sports matches, you’ll definitely be happy to hear the news. VPN Unlimited team decided not to end up our challenge with only one calendar. Check out our new sporting events calendar for 2019!

We’ve highlighted the most exciting and expected sporting events of the upcoming year. This time we present it in a form of a list. Now you can look through major sporting events of the month and track the dates when one is to be held. At the end of this piece you will traditionally find our guideline how to stream sporting events. Enjoy!

upcoming sports events in world in January - February 2019 Top sporting events in March - April 2019 Upcoming international sports events in May - June 2019  Top sporting events in July - August 2019. Major world sporting events in September - October 2019 International sporting events calendar. November - December 2019

How to watch best quality live streams and video of sporting events in 2019?

In order to enjoy your favorite sporting events and not be annoyed by bad video quality, you should definitely watch them on the official sports streaming channels. The specific channel depends on a particular event. It could be featured on Sling TV, BBC Sports, or you may stream sports on ESPN+, or any other broadcasting channel. For instance, you can watch the FA Cup final with British commentators only on BBC Sports. So if BBC iPlayer is blocked in your country, you should definitely read our previous piece about how to access BBC iPlayer anywhere in the world.  

Enjoy Sporting Events Calendar 2019 by VPN Unlimited team

Top 3 sporting events of 2019 that our team wouldn’t miss

VPN Unlimited team has our own bucket list of events that we can’t wait to watch. They are the following:

  • NBA Finals 2019 (Starts on May 30th). How many matches will we be able to watch? Will any team win 3 games in a row, or will we get the traditional 4 matches?
  • UEFA Champions League Final (June 1st). The key intrigue is how will Real Madrid perform without Cristiano Ronaldo. Can they get the cup without him?
  • Rugby World Cup 2019 (Sep 20th – Nov 2nd). This tournament takes place every 4 years and this time it will be hosted in Japan. Will New Zealand win The William Webb Ellis Cup for the fourth time?

Bottom line

That’s all for today! We hope that our new sporting events calendar 2019 was useful for you. What events are in your bucket list of sporting events 2019? Share your answers in the comments below 🙂

Disclaimer: The dates of sporting events are correct at the time of publication, they can change, unbeknownst to us.

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