Vancouver New Server: The Fun Treats of The Olympic City

Updated on July 13, 2021: From now on, traffic filtering, malware protection, and suspicious DNS activity blocking are available as a part of the separate DNS Firewall app.


We always like to take a minute to welcome new users, who have joined our secure VPN Unlimited network. As you may know our Company does everything to increase and sustain the fastest Internet connection speed and ensure the ultimate online safety. Every two weeks we add a new server somewhere around the globe. At this point, we have added a new server located in Vancouver, BC, Canada. While the city is associated with the recent 2010 Olympic Games, there are a lot of exciting and most fun things you didn’t know about Vancouver.

List of the Most Fun Things in Vancouver

  • Crazy PNE – the hair-raising everyday beach party at Playland. The fun zone includes the most renowned AtmosFear, breakdance, corkscrew, Drop Zone, hellevator, gladiator, hell’s gate, and much more.


  •  Celebration of Light Vancouver’s International Fireworks Competition – for four nights the public goes out to the spacious beaches to enjoy the Celebration of Light and see the most amazing fireworks presented by different countries and accompanied with music.


  • Vancouver Sculptures – explore a wide range of unique sculptures that are located throughout the city. Find the Giant Laughing Statues in the English Bay and try to copy the face mimics or find “Device to Root out Evil” – the upside down church.

Amazeing laughter statues vancouver


  • Wild Life Watching – Vancouver is very popular for its wild life that is oftentimes can be met in the heart of downtown, the Stanley Park. While watching the fattest geese and seagulls, pay attention to the coyotes. We have to admit the city administration bravely fights bird droppings to keep the lawns clean and green.


  •  Vancouver Raccoons and Skunks are really special – meet and feed the lovely raccoons but stay far away from the skunks. While we find raccoons to be very polite when they eat with their paws, but we suggest you to avoid skunks because they might release their stinky gas!


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