VPN just Got Faster with 2 New Servers in Ukraine

Updated on July 13, 2021: From now on, traffic filtering, malware protection, and suspicious DNS activity blocking are available as a part of the separate DNS Firewall app.

We are excited to announce that today VPN Unlimited has once again widened its horizons and established itself in the Eastern Europe by opening 2 new high-speed servers in Kiev, Ukraine. A fast and accessible online security method, VPN Unlimited is one of the most in high-demand online safety services that offers unlimited bandwidth and high connection speed for affordable price. Being one of the top VPN providers on the global market, our company is determined to deliver maximum quality service to satisfy the global demand for online protection and privacy.


Today, we have successfully initiated the work of two servers in Kiev, Ukraine. As you may already know, we have several offices worldwide including the USA and Ukraine. With recent server expansion, the customers located in Europe and Asia will get a faster coverage and quick access to secure VPN Unlimited.

Amazing Ukraine Starts with Kiev

We are happy to give you a better insight of Kiev as it makes us proud. A 3-million capital (2013) with impressive 16-century heritage (officially the city was established in the 5th century), Kiev is an authentic cradle of Slavic culture. Being under great pressure right now, Kiev is undergoing a tremendous change as Ukraine is doing its best to join the European Union and finish war in the Eastern territories that initially started with Maidan events over a year ago.

While the Ukrainian population is struggling with diminishing value of national currency “hryvna” and ever-growing prices for products as they are tied up to US dollars, we intend to focus and to tell you more about the fantastic city of Kiev with its marvelous attractions that range from ancient architecture like first Christian churches built in 10th century, and great East European cultural, business and communication center for all nations.

1. Explore the Slavic Heritage. In the center of Kiev, you will be able to find dozens of old churches that date to 10th century. Some of the buildings are under protection of UNESCO as world heritage sites. Whenever you are in Kiev, make sure to visit Saint Sophia Cathedral that is one of the most authentic places where newly baptized Slavic people used to cherish Jesus. Explore the one of the kind fresco paintings that were made in the 11th century.


2. During the WWII, Kiev has been dramatically destroyed, yet the soviets has put much effort and invested great sums of money into rebuilding the city. Today, the modern city of Kiev has still the blueprints of massive USSR impact that is reflected in high and rich buildings with impressive architectural style. Take your time to explore the center of the city as there is a great number of attractions not seen anywhere else in the world. Also, enjoy the tastiest food as you are invited to numerous restaurants and cafes.


3. In the past 20 years, as a capital of Ukraine, Kiev became a business center where a lot of renowned business carriers have their offices. Aside from a chance to make new connections at the conferences, Kiev is chosen to be the city of residence for many business owners and investors. Also, the city is the center of the Cultural life of the country so you are assured to see the best theater plays, ballets and painting exhibitions here.


Enjoy the Ukrainian People Hospitality. Believe us, you will fall in love with Ukraine once and for all!



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