What Does VPN Mean?

Updated on July 13, 2021: From now on, traffic filtering, malware protection, and suspicious DNS activity blocking are available as a part of the separate DNS Firewall app.

Familiar with pesky ad breaks while watching your favorite movies? Care about security of your personal information that you share online? Can’t come to terms with internet restrictions within certain geographical areas or because of ISP’s regulations? Most certainly, your answer would be “Definitely YES!”. If so, you need a universal remedy. Well, we have one for you, a Virtual Private Network (VPN). What does VPN mean? Read on and learn about its main advantages and how it can help you.

Put simply, a VPN is a secure, encrypted connection between your device and other network established over the internet. According to Jason Mander, Global Web Index’s Chief Research Officer, “a VPN is an ideal option for the majority of market consumers. They get access to blocked content being incognito.“ But how can you benefit from using a VPN in the end?

Who uses a VPN while hopping on the internet and why?

In the early days, a VPN service was mainly used by offices and big companies to improve security of their sensitive data. However, in the course of time, consumers’ demand has truly increased. This made this service popular for a personal use as well.

Students install a VPN to bypass filters set by the school. International travelers turn to it because they don’t trust local networks and open WiFi hotspots, and rightly so. The downloaders want to stay safe when using a torrent software, etc. Due to increasing censorship and number of cyber crimes, the list of reasons to use a VPN service can go on and on. This suggests that a VPN saves the day for all. If you are still in doubt whether to try a VPN or not, let us highlight the advantages you will get with it.

With a VPN, you will be able to:

  • Protect your online activities from eavesdropping and prying eyes
  • Bypass internet restrictions and censorship
  • Get access to geo-blocked websites
  • Hide your browsing activity from ISP’s, marketers, and other unauthorized parties
  • Download torrents or watch streams online
  • Surf the internet without annoying ads
  • Block malicious websites and apps

Well, now you have a general idea what a VPN is and what advantages it offers you. Still think all these statements are unfounded rumors? Look at what the statistic shows and get your impression.

What does VPN mean in facts and figures?

Global Web Index reports that 56% of respondents around the world feel that the internet destroys their privacy and the right to be free. That’s why 415 million people, or 28% of the global online population, turn to a VPN service. This security tool protects identity of internet users and hides their real location, allowing to bypass surveillance by countries with strict censorship.

For instance, the government of China hires about two million “online intelligence” officers to review and block the “unreasonable” content. According to the GWI research, such policy forces more than 30% of Chinese users to hide their real IP address in order to bypass internet filters. 60% of them, or 160 million, install a VPN to get access to YouTube, and 55% – to both Facebook and Twitter.

Not only Chinese residents appreciate all the advantages of VPN services. Wonder how it’s going in other countries and how many people care about their online discretion around the world? Here’s a crude estimate of using VPN services among the population of different countries:

  • Indonesia – 42%
  • Vietnam – 38%
  • Brazil, Thailand – 36%
  • Mexico, India – 34%
  • The UAE and Argentina – 32%
  • The USA, Great Britain, Germany, and Ireland – 17%
  • Japan – 5%

Bottom Line

Every year online community grows at a geometric rate. Users claim higher requirements for speed, protection, and quality of data-processing. Unfortunately, there are not many services that can satisfy all these demands. Thanks to KeepSolid developers, we are proud that our product, VPN Unlimited, can ensure a solid balance of features, absolute privacy, and unlimited access to your favorite content.

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