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Does VPN Protect You From Viruses

Internet freedom and online security is an essential part of web surfing. VPN solutions are designed specifically for these purposes! Using Virtual Private Networks comes with sensitive data privacy, real-life identity anonymity, and access to censored content. Such apps change your IP address, conceal your actual location, and thus hide browsing activities from ISP, government, and other unauthorized users.

However, there are more online threats, like computer viruses. Does VPN protect you from viruses? Keep reading to find the answer and uncover all whats and whys on VPN security.

What Are Viruses and How They Operate

As we are on the same page, a computer virus is a malicious piece of code designed to spread from device to device and steal your data. Viruses account for more than half of all malware attacks. They attach themselves to executable, text, PDF, and other files and do not self-replicate but spread via infectious files.

How can computer viruses infect your device

Viruses spread via infected online services and websites in the form of email attachments, P2P files, and whatnot. Computer viruses compromise system files and destroy almost all confidential data, affect applications and hardware, and even can send spam to your contacts to infect them too.

How Does VPN Protect Against Viruses

Unfortunately, a VPN app doesn’t protect your device and data from viruses on its own. However, VPN significantly reduces the chance to get infected. How exactly? Let’s check it out together.

VPN disguises your real IP address and geo-location so you can bypass censorship and geo-restrictions. However, this is only part of the story. Virtual Private Networks offer many more options to improve your online experience.

The main feature is encryption. VPN creates a secure connection, also known as a private encrypted tunnel, between your device and chosen virtual server. All your web traffic is routed through this tunnel and thereby is reliably protected from being monitored by third parties. VPN Unlimited uses AES-256 encryption that is considered by the US government as trusted top-level protection.

Additionally, VPN Unlimited provides top-notch protocols and other defensive security features that make it harder for infecting your device.a

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VPN vs. Virus Protection: Do You Need an Antivirus if You’re Using a VPN

The main benefit of getting antivirus software is to scan your device for viruses and malware, timely detect possible threats, and protect your data from getting revealed.

VPN solutions, in turn, aim to prevent attackers from knowing your device’s IP address and geo-location. Thus, making it more difficult for cybercriminals to send a virus through the internet.

To fully protect yourself from viruses we highly recommend you to use both these solutions. However, sometimes you may face the conflict between VPN and antivirus when installing the first one. To make installation as smooth as possible check out our comprehensive guide on how to add VPN Unlimited to trusted on your Windows PC antivirus.

VPN for Improved Online Privacy

VPN Unlimited service is the best VPN to use on unsecured networks and public WiFi hotspots. Our application provides simultaneous protection of 5 or even 10 different devices. VPN Unlimited offers easy-to-use apps for all major platforms: 

Final Thoughts on Using VPN to Protect from Viruses

While Virtual Private Network is a great cybersecurity solution, it doesn’t protect against viruses directly. The reason why many users ask if VPN protects against viruses is because the results are there. If you’re surfing the internet with the VPN enabled, you are less likely to be hacked or infected.

But, this is not because a VPN would hunt viruses and other malicious software and remove it from your device. Our VPN app improves your security by:

  • Encrypting your internet traffic
  • Masking your actual IP address
  • Offering a set of secure servers
  • Providing top-notch VPN protocols

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