Reliable Virtual Private Network for Washington

Online privacy is a myth. Everyone who uses the internet is always exposed to cybercrimes and they are always under surveillance. Government agencies keep track of citizens’ online activities and hackers are always online looking for their next victim. If they find information about you, they can resort to blackmailing you or selling your information in exchange for money. Businesses are also at risk as many employees are now working from home which increases the risk of confidential information being known by third parties.  

This article highlights the following important topics about Virtual Private Networks: 

  • Benefits for a Virtual Private Network
  • Why you should use a Virtual Private Network
  • How to ensure online privacy for users
  • VPN working principle
  • How to access any online content with easy
  • What zero-log policy is and why it is great
  • Compatibility with multiple devices

Why You Should Use a Virtual Private Network

Cybercrimes have been on the rise in the past few years due to increased online activity among Washington citizens. Cybercriminals invade your privacy by tracking your online activities and using your personal information to scam you. To protect your privacy and improve security online, our Washington VPN provides military-grade 256-bit encryption. You can now stop worrying about the safety of your personal information. What are you waiting for? Download our best Washington VPN now!

With many people working remotely, the decision to go to a local restaurant and connect to the WiFi to continue working may seem harmless. However, using unsecured WiFi hotspots increases the risk of being exposed to cybercriminals. This risk is reduced significantly when you are using Washington VPN traffic encryption capabilities. Download our best VPN for Washington and rest assured that hackers will not be able to have access to your information.

If you are a resident of Washington and constantly travel to other parts of the world, you may find it impossible to access some websites that you would normally use when you are in your country. This is because some countries block websites from being accessed by their citizens. With the best VPN Washington, you can choose to virtually be in your country of origin even when you are physically in another country by simply selecting the Washington server.

Main benefits of choosing our Washington VPN app:

  • Personal data protection with military-grade AES-256 encryption
  • Geo-restrictions bypassing and freedom to stream from various platforms no matter where you are
  • Maintaining online anonymity
  • Ability to conceal or change your actual IP address
  • Lightning-fast internet speed with over 500 servers in over 80 locations globally for your convenience
  • Multi-device compatibility
  • Improved online privacy and surfing security

How Does Washington VPN Work

In simple terms, a Virtual Private Network works as a filter. It takes your data and scrambles it using AES-256 encryption so hackers and third parties cannot use it.  A VPN hides your actual IP address and redirects traffic of your device through a remote server.

Using a VPN, your IP address can be replaced according to the server chosen. This means that even if you are not in Washington, you can connect to the Washington server and your IP address will appear as though you are in Washington. It then becomes impossible for anyone to be able to track your location because your IP address is hidden.

Washington Proxy vs Washington VPN - What to Choose

The primary difference between a VPN and the proxy is that a proxy acts as a middleman, and VPN acts as a middleman, whereas VPN functions as a private tunnel. The benefit of using VPN VPN is that you're secure from surveillance by networks and censorship. However, the benefit of a proxy is that it's speedier than a VPN even though it's not entirely secure. With a VPN you will gain the following benefits:


  • Policy of strict no-logs (a VPN service doesn't track or store your personal details)

  • Secure VPN protocols(a variety of VPN protocols like IKEv2, L2TP, OpenVPN,

  • WireGuard, etc. You can pick whatever you want)

  • Access to the web(using a VPN can change your location and enable you gain access to restricted services in your location)


But if you want to use a proxy in Washington, USA you should do the following steps:


Step 1

Get a server address you need to connect your device


Step 2

Connect it through settings(depending on your device)


Windows: Settings > Network & Internet 

macOS: System Preferences > Network > Advanced > Proxies 

iOS: Settings > Wi-Fi > Choose your network > Configure Proxy 

Android: Settings > Wi-Fi > Choose your network > Modify Network > Advanced Options > Manual

One Account for Multiple Devices

With one subscription, you can browse the internet from up to 10 devices and still be fully protected. Whether you are using an Android, Windows, iOS, or any other operating system, you can be confident in the fact that VPN is diverse and compatible with your devices.  

Take up a VPN Unlimited subscription today and get rid of all your online security worries!

Online Entertainment Made Easy

Washington D.C is a very vibrant city filled with amazing restaurants and activities to do. However, nothing beats a night at home watching your favorite movie over a glass of wine.

Sometimes, the best movies and shows cannot be accessed because they are found on blocked websites. Other times, streaming platforms cannot be accessed due to geo-blocking and restrictions. This is not an impossible challenge to solve. Download our best VPN for Washington today and enjoy more content without any restrictions.

Benefit from the Zero-Log Policy with VPN Unlimited

Our client’s privacy and total security are our priorities. Everyone has the right to anonymity. This is the reason why VPN Unlimited does not store any search history and personal details of users. Therefore, third parties cannot access any of your search history, websites you have visited, and your sensitive information. With this incredible solution, you can surf the internet with zero fear that your information can be accessed by any unauthorized person.

More about no-log policy


How to get a Washington IP address?

Streaming services can prevent you from using them by filtering your location. This is often related to broadcasting rights. If you try to watch Washington TV online from another country, you will most likely be blocked. The TV network is not permitted to broadcast its content outside of the country in which it has broadcasting rights. So you may be barred from other services, such as online banking, for security reasons.

When you use a VPN, these issues fade away. You can impersonate an internet user from any country by using a VPN server (a Washington server, for example). You'll also have more privacy and security when browsing the web or downloading files.

To get a Washington IP address you need:

  1. Download VPN Unlimited
  2. Log in your KeepSolid ID or register a new one
  3. Pick Washington in the Servers list
  4. Tap "Connect"

Download the Best VPN Washington and Get Access to Many Benefits

Get fast, reliable, secure, and unrestricted access on almost all platforms and operating systems.