How To Use a VPN Service on Vizio TV

A popular American brand, Vizio TV achieved considerable popularity because of its ideal combination of exceptional performance and affordable prices. Unfortunately, it’s common for streaming platforms to geo-restrict a major share of their titles, so a lot of users want to know how to install VPN on their Vizio smart TV devices.

Use VPN Unlimited to get:

  • High-speed access to geo-restricted titles on all popular streaming platforms, including Disney+ and others
  • Quick and easy setup on all Vizio devices, including the groundbreaking p series.
  • A highly reliable 24/7 connection: our Virtual Private Network is a symbol of dependability
  • A 7-day free trial plus a 30-day money-back guarantee: a truly unbeatable combination
  • A cost-efficient Lifetime Subscription plan

Even if you have already subscribed to some other Virtual Private Network service for your Vizio smart TV — like Nord VPN or Hola — it’s always a great idea to give our application a try.

Note: If you’ve got a smart TV from some other brand, please click on the link to our general page on How to download, install and use VPN Unlimited on a Smart TV.

How To Pair Up Your Vizio TV With a VPN

Vizio is a symbol of technical progress, and smart TVs by this manufacturer are much closer to computers than to the lamp boxes from the pre-digital era. Your Vizio TV comes with several processor cores for performing calculations, RAM for data storing, and an operating system that controls how the hardware works.

The operating system that is used on Vizio TVs is called SmartCast. While you cannot install VPN Unlimited directly on SmartCast-managed devices, you can easily circumvent this issue by sharing a Virtual Private Network connection using a MacBook or setting VPN Unlimited up on your router.

Even if you have already subscribed to other Virtual Private Network services like Hola or Nord VPN, you might want to try our application anyway. A 7-day free trial and a 30-day money-back guarantee make VPN Unlimited the symbol of a fantastic bargain.

How To Run HBO Max on My Vizio TV Through a VPN: 3 Easy Steps

Step 1

Follow this link to download and install the VPN Unlimited application on your device.

Step 2

Use one of the two guides to either set a Virtual Private Network on your router or use a MacBook to share a Virtual Private Network connection

Step 3

Enjoy any geo-restricted content on HBO Max and any other streaming platform wherever you are!

What VPN Works With Your Vizio TV and How It Helps You Watch More

Our service works with all smart TV models by Vizio, including p series. VPN Unlimited allows you to connect to any of more than 3000 servers in more than 80 locations. Use our service to get an IP address of a territory where media content is allowed for watching: unblock any title on Crackle and other popular streaming platforms. Our connection speed is extremely fast; our service is always online.

Even if you are currently using services of other Virtual Private Network providers like Hola or Nord VPN, our 7-day free trial with an additional 30-day money-back guarantee make installing VPN Unlimited on your smart device worth trying: you don’t risk anything and get a dependable Virtual Private Network service that works equally well with Crackle and all other streaming platforms. 

VPN Unlimited encrypts internet traffic with the sophisticated AES-256 encryption so that no unauthorized third party can access it. We neither store nor disclose the browsing history of our users: our service is a true symbol of privacy protection.


VPN Unlimited: Your Symbol of Freedom and Reliability!

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other platforms

Note: VPN Unlimited is a part of the MonoDefense security bundle.

Get More From Streaming Services With VPN Unlimited

Most streaming platforms geo-lock a large part of their content: for instance, Disney+ subscribers from the USA enjoy twice as wide a choice of titles as subscribers from other countries. This means that if a show or film cannot be accessed from your territory, you can still enjoy it by changing your virtual location.

VPN Unlimited works to eliminate informational barriers: all you need to do is select the server in a place where the title you want to watch is not restricted. It will be delivered to the screen of your Vizio TV — including the popular p series — in a matter of moments!

Even if you have already subscribed to Hola or Nord VPN, it is still reasonable to give us a chance. Our irresistible combination of a 7-day free trial coupled with a 30-day money-back guarantee makes VPN Unlimited a symbol of a great bargain.

Disclaimer: the manufacturer sometimes region-locks its devices — including the p series TVs — to the place where they are sold. If you own such a locked device, you need to change its region, otherwise, some content might remain unavailable.

Pair up VPN Unlimited with Your Vizio TV to Enjoy

Access to geo-restricted titles on numerous streaming platforms

With our app you get an extremely wide choice of more than 3000 servers in all corners of the planet: use any of them to unblock any title on your favorite streaming platform.

Hack-proof encryption

Every piece of information you send to / receive from our Virtual Private Network is protected with the advanced military-grade AES-256 encryption: your secrets are truly safe!

Support of numerous digital platforms

Our service works extremely smoothly with all Vizio smart TVs including the famous p series. VPN Unlimited is entirely compatible with all major digital platforms. Isn’t it a good reason to try VPN Unlimited even if you have already subscribed to other Virtual Private Network services, like Nord VPN or Hola?

Ultra-speed connection ideal for 4K media

There are streaming services that require that your connection speed be very high at all times. VPN Unlimited is well-known for its reliable performance: even if you are currently using some other Virtual Private Network service for your Vizio TV smart TV, like Nord VPN or Hola, you will undoubtedly be impressed with our app. Forget about freezes and glitches on all Vizio devices!

FAQ on VPN Unlimited for Vizio TV

How Do I Install VPN Unlimited on My Vizio Smart TV?

Vizio smart TVs are managed by the SmartCast operating system. While it does not support the setup of our app directly on the device, you can install the application on your router or MacBook, and connect your Vizio smart TV to them. This method works for all Vizio TV devices, including the well-known p series.

How Exactly Do I Pair Up My Vizio Smart TV With VPN Unlimited?

For the detailed procedure of setting up our Virtual Private Network application on your MacBook and/or router please go to our Manuals section. It is always possible to write an email to our customer support to clarify any matter.

What Vizio Smart TVs Can Your App Be Paired Up With?

All Vizio models — including the famous p series — support our Virtual Private Network setup via MacBook or router.

I’ve Already Subscribed to Some Other Virtual Private Service Like Nord VPN or Hola. Why Should I Use VPN Unlimited?

We offer you a user-friendly interface coupled with a high-speed connection and a wide network of servers. A free trial period and a money-back guarantee make us worth trying even if you are already using Nord VPN or Hola.

What Region-Locked Vizio TV Streaming Platforms Can I Unblock Using VPN Unlimited?

Here are only some of the applications:

  • Amazon Prime
  • Crackle
  • Disney+
  • Hulu
  • Max
  • Channel 4
  • ESPN+
  • Popcornflix
  • Peacock
  • Paramount+
  • Tubi

The complete version of the list includes even more platforms; contact our support if you couldn’t find the service you need. If you want to give your media experience a boost — even if you have already subscribed to the services of Nord VPN, Hola, or a similar company — it’s a great idea to give us a try.

How Do I Install a Virtual Private Network on Smart TVs From Other Manufacturers?

Begin with finding out what operating system your device is managed by.

You can pair up Android TV smart devices with VPN Unlimited by installing our app directly on the TV/Smartbox. Such devices usually carry the Android symbol or logo, but you might need to consult your operational manual for confirmation. Please, follow this link to the detailed instruction on how to use our service with the Android TV platform.

TVs that are managed by proprietary operating systems (like, for example, LG’s WebOS, Samsung’s Tizen, Hisense’s Vidaa, TCL’s Roku, and Vizio’s p series SmartCast) can be connected to VPN Unlimited via a router and/or MacBook. Please, go to this page for the detailed information.

How Can I Contact Your Customer Support?

Find more about our Virtual Private Network service and/or ask us any questions via [email protected]. It’s a real pleasure to help you!

Install VPN Unlimited: Your Symbol of Unbounded Media Experience!

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