How to Unblock Spotify from Anywhere in the World with VPN Unlimited

Spotify is a great music streaming service available in 90+ countries. But Spotify may not be available in YOUR country! And what if the song you would like to listen to is not available in your country? Don’t panic! VPN can help you enjoy all the streaming service benefits thanks to Spotify with a VPN. Follow this simple guide on how to change your country on Spotify with VPN and forget about the geo-restriction forever!

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Note: VPN Unlimited is also available as a part of the MonoDefense® security bundle.


1. Get the VPN Unlimited app


The first step to get Spotify unblocked is to download the VPN Unlimited app. You can find our reliable unblocker here. Choose your platform and start the installation process. Check out our Manuals page for the relevant instructions on how to install and use VPN Unlimited on your device. 


2. Set up a VPN connection to unblock Spotify


After you follow the standard installation steps, sign in to our service with your KeepSolid ID or create a new one. You can find more information about KeepSolid ID here.

Now you can choose a server in a country where Spotify is available, connect to it, and proceed to the next step. The VPN provider masks your real IP address and physical location and grants you a new IP address of the selected VPN server.

Alternatively, you can set up our Spotify VPN on your router to share the VPN connection over all your devices. If you need help, please use these step-by-step tutorials:

More guides are available in the Router sections of our Manuals list. 


3. Download the Spotify app


Once you are connected to the appropriate Spotify VPN server, go to and hit Download at the top.

Follow the standard registration steps. After that, the download process will start. When installed, launch the Spotify app.


4. Sign in to Spotify and enjoy the music!


Finally, sign in to the app and listen to your favorite music. 

Note: You can turn the Spotify VPN off after the first login to Spotify. If you are a free Spotify user, then you will need to prove your location every two weeks. However, we highly recommend keeping VPN Unlimited constantly on to ensure your online freedom, security, and privacy.

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Why Spotify is Blocked in Your Country


Spotify is considered to be one of the best music streaming services with more than 300 million active users. Its success can be easily explained. Spotify is the most convenient service with a large number of platforms covered and a huge songs library. 

Even having such massive world coverage there are regions where Spotify is not available. Geographic restrictions are often related to music licenses and copyright issues, macroeconomic and socio-demographic factors. Spotify analyses things like the size and health of the music industry and creator ecosystem, licensing landscape, smartphone usage, and consumer segments.

Luckily, VPN services for Spotify allow bypassing these limitations and open access to the full music library wherever you are. With VPN Unlimited you can choose a server you need and register a Spotify account in a country where it is available. 


Why Unblock Spotify with VPN Unlimited


Choosing the best Spotify VPN you need to check its performance and benefits. VPN Unlimited is a perfect choice due to its connections speed and a large number of servers. Our solution offers 3000+ servers around the world in more than 80 locations

The variety of supported devices is also important for choosing the most suitable VPN for Spotify. KeepSolid’s solution is available for both mobile and desktop platforms: iOS, macOS, Android, and Windows. You can also set up our Spotify VPN on your routers, browser, Smart TVs, or gaming consoles. Easily enjoy our benefits on unlimited devices simultaneously.


Summary on how to use Spotify app anywhere in the world


VPN Unlimited is the tool that’ll help you easily and securely bypass geo-restrictions and enjoy Spotify unblocked without any obstacles. Whatever difficulty you have accessing Spotify, be it your employer blocking the service or Spotify is not available in your country, nothing will stop you now from diving into the infinite ocean of music!

If you face any issues or have some questions you can always contact our Customer Support via [email protected]. We are ready to help you all day and night in live chat mode.

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