How Does Encryption Work?

A lot of cybersecurity experts and bloggers continuously encourage us to use encryption to reduce security risks of our devices, data, and network; but have you ever wondered how encryption works exactly? 

In this article, we help you gain knowledge on how encryption works and why you should consider it as a security measure.


What Is Encryption?

When information or data is converted into code, this process is called encryption. Encryption converts plain readable text into ciphertext which can’t be read or accessed without a decryption key. Encryption helps to protect data and information that one may not want any unauthorized persons to access, as it can only be accessed or read by the person who has the decryption key.

Whenever we use the internet, all sorts of data and information gets transmitted from our devices to servers belonging to websites we visit. When you are doing online shopping, your credit card information is part of the data that gets transmitted from your device to the internet. This is the kind of data you want to be protected and If your network isn’t encrypted then your internet traffic can be intercepted by hackers. 

This is where encryption comes in very handy, as explained above, encryption transforms ordinary readable data into encoded text that is unreadable. When you encrypt your network, all your internet traffic is ciphered - making it impossible for hackers or third-party websites to read or track and pry on what your online habits and interests are. No one can be privy to your browsing history unless they can decipher the data.


How Is Encryption Applied In VPN Solutions?

Virtual Private Network (VPN) solutions provide a secure private network connection that protects your internet activity and secures it by encryption. Using a VPN takes away your worries regarding who might be prying or spying on you while you are browsing the internet.

It’s no secret that service providers now sell user browsing history to marketers for them to better target you with tailored adverts in your browser. Not only can encryption stop this from happening, but you can browse the internet anonymously with no one knowing what you are using the internet for.

KeepSolid's VPN Unlimited Encryption Protocols

KeepSolid’s VPN Unlimited is a trusted and reliable VPN that caters to people who are serious about securing their data. Unlike most VPNs, VPN Unlimited employs the best and fastest encryption protocols to increase the effectiveness of what its product offers. 

You can never have too much security, relying on more than one security measure signifies increased security provision. VPN Unlimited uses the most secure encryption protocol -  Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) - 256 bit, which is a military-grade protocol option.

VPN Unlimited employs AES cipher, a mechanical operation known as an algorithm. It's generally considered to be the most secure cipher, reliable for executing the encryption or decryption of information such as videos, images, or simple messages. Combining the AES cipher with the 256-bit key provides users with unmatched security for their internet traffic and browsing.

Benefits of VPN Unlimited

Total Security

All data that gets transmitted from your device and whichever WiFi you use are secure. Your data is protected from prying third parties using encryption.

Absolute Privacy

Your location remains hidden, making it impossible to be tracked by anyone. Your privacy is protected by changing your actual IP address into a virtual one.

Uncompromising speed

KeepSolid Wise technologies improve your browsing experience by not slowing down your internet speed. You will benefit from VPN Unlimited’s lightning-fast VPN servers that are located all over the world.

Additional services

VPN Unlimited offers the most demanding users a Lifetime VPN subscription, Personal Server & Personal IP options, and even the ability to set a VPN on your WiFi Router.

When you have great security in place, you can rest assured that your personal information and data are securely protected.

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