How Does a VPN Protect You

This article seeks to ensure that the importance of having a Virtual Private Network is fully understood by the reader. The article will point out the reasons why a Virtual Private Network is important, how a Virtual Private Network protects you, as well as what it protects you from.

Without a VPN, you might be innocently searching for the best medication on Google and suddenly, you get hundreds of adverts sent to your email about pharmaceutical developments that can benefit you. This is because your information is never safe online unless you have a great tool such as VPN Unlimited. VPN Unlimited has the best features for you to ensure that you are protected online. Before we look at these features, we will look at what this application protects you from.

If you are wondering what a VPN protects you from then the next information will be very helpful to you.

What Is a VPN and Why Do You Need It

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is easily explained as a technological tool that masks your IP address to allow you to browse the internet comfortably knowing that your online activities are untraceable. It tightens your online security by encrypting your data, making it difficult for your privacy to be compromised. 

We exist in a world that is heavily dependent on the internet. Continuous interaction with our computers and mobile phones exposes us to various online crimes. Online shopping has never been as popular as it is now. Every time you register on a new online platform, you are requested to enter your personal information such as a residential address, contact number, place of work, and even banking details.

It has gotten so easy for your information to land in the wrong hands because cybercriminals have gotten smarter. This proves that you must have a Virtual Private Network that will prioritize your safety and online security.

How Does a VPN Protect You

A Virtual Private Network allows you to have online freedom by encrypting your data to make it unreadable and useless to any third party. This encryption process is important especially if you are using a public WiFi network because this network is unsecured and shared by many people.

Furthermore, your Internet Service Provider provides you with the network to use for all your devices and if you do not have a Virtual Private Network, your ISP can be able to see all your online activities and all the websites you have browsed. This can be very unsafe, and it should leave you feeling uneasy about using the internet.

A Virtual Private Network also protects you from geo-restrictions that are imposed by other countries or websites. This is because a Virtual Private Network hides your IP address and allows you to connect to servers that are in various locations all over the world. This ensures that you have the freedom to connect to many websites without restrictions.

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other platforms

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Closer look at VPN Unlimited features

With more than 3000 servers, VPN Unlimited allows you to stay connected from any location you are in. Instead of having your data going to the destination directly, it travels through the servers, this is where the encryption process takes place to protect your information. This makes it impossible to track you and it protects your anonymity. VPN Unlimited uses top-grade AES-256 encryption which guarantees your data protection.

VPN Unlimited protects you from slow internet speed and throttling. Boosting your security does not have to come with the cost of low browsing speed.

With VPN Unlimited, you have an option to choose a Personal VPN Server. This will boost your internet speed and significantly reduce lags. If you travel frequently, you will be happy to know that VPN Unlimited protects you from the limitation of accessing your favorite streaming and social media platforms you want to access from any country you travel to.


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What Does a VPN Protect You From

Data leak protection

Your information is very valuable, and you should retain control over it. Use VPN Unlimited to stay protected online. Even if your data gets leaked, it will be useless to any other person because VPN Unlimited encrypts it for your safety.

Protection from hackers

With the increase in technological developments, hackers are always looking for new ways to use to get hold of your data and use it for their benefit. Using VPN protects you from falling victim to hackers.

Bypass censorship and geo-restrictions

Many websites choose people who can gain access based on their IP address. This can be frustrating especially when you live in a country that has been banned from getting access to a particular website. Getting VPN gives you the power to change your IP address so you can browse freely with no restrictions.

Secure from cybercriminals

Many cybercrimes exist. Identity theft is one of the most popular ones. Someone can access your personal information, get store accounts in your name and ruin your reputation in many ways. To prevent this from happening, you must have a great Virtual Private Network to protect yourself.

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