Introducing VPN Unlimited's Blogger Mode: Hide Real IP and Enhance Privacy

In an era where online privacy and security are of utmost importance, VPN Unlimited continues to innovate and provide users with extra features. Among its latest advancements is the highly anticipated Blogger Mode.

It was designed to enhance privacy and streamline workflows for bloggers, journalists, and content creators using VPN Unlimited. With the click of a button, users can now enable this mode, effectively disabling the display of their real IP in the application interface. Let's explore how to enable this feature and delve into the various use cases where Blogger Mode can be a game-changer.

Use Cases and Benefits

Blogger Mode in VPN Unlimited brings several noteworthy advantages to the table. Let's take a closer look at some of the use cases where this feature can be particularly useful.

Protecting Bloggers or Journalists' Identity

Bloggers or tech journalists often make articles or videos about internet technologies, apps, VPNs, etc., and they often need a screenshot or screencast of their desktop or app’s interface. But the issue is that you don’t want to disclose your IP address on the video which is pretty reasonable. With Blogger Mode you can disable the display of real IP in the application interface. This prevents third parties from learning your real IP address from the video or screenshot and precludes further IP tracking.

Enhanced Anonymity While Streaming

If you are a YouTube or Twitch streamer, you can accidentally show your desktop to a broad audience. And unfortunately, not all the viewers are decent. Some of them can notice your IP address on the desktop and use it for their purpose. And the best practice to prevent such IP leakages is to enable the Blogger mode and hide your real IP. This will protect you from DDoS attacks and provide you with the best streaming and browsing experience.

Secure Public WiFi Usage

Public WiFi networks pose significant risks, including data theft and surveillance. Blogger Mode in VPN Unlimited covers your real IP, making it safer to connect to public WiFi hotspots. Whether you're working from a coffee shop or an airport, this feature ensures that no third parties passing by will be able to look over your shoulder at your screen and see your IP. So your online activities remain private and protected. Go on reading to learn how to enable Blogger Mode in VPN Unlimited and hide your real IP address from prying eyes.

Enabling Blogger Mode

Activating Blogger Mode in VPN Unlimited is a breeze. Simply follow these steps:


1. Launch the VPN Unlimited application on your device.


2. Navigate to the Options section.

3. Go to the Application settings and find the Blogger Mode toggle button.

4. Enable the mode by toggling the switch to the On position.

Voila! You have successfully enabled Blogger Mode. Now your real IP will not be displayed on the main screen of the application.

Wrapping Up

VPN Unlimited's new Blogger Mode is a powerful addition to its suite of features, offering increased privacy and efficiency for bloggers, journalists, streamers, and content creators. By disabling the display of real IP address, this mode guarantees that no third parties will grab your accidentally shown IP. Whether you're concerned about online privacy or seeking a distraction-free workspace, enabling Blogger Mode is a simple yet effective way to fortify your digital security. Stay focused, stay secure, and let VPN Unlimited empower you in your blogging journey.

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