Proxy on Chrome

In this article, we are going to unpack what proxies are, what they are used for and why you need to use them in Chrome to be safer when online.

Each computer has a distinct IP address which differentiates it from others. When browsing different websites, this address can be seen and your device location can be exposed. Hackers use this address to spy on you and infiltrate your online activities. It is important to use proxies on Chrome because a proxy stands in the middle of your computer and the internet or websites you visit. When your proxy is turned on, your internet traffic passes through your proxy server to go to and from your computer. This changes your IP address to that of your proxy and makes you more secure and anonymous online.

It is always more convenient to enable your proxies automatically rather than using the manual way each time you connect online. Find your proxy settings on the Chrome browser menu under settings.

How to Use Proxy in Chrome

There are different methods that you can utilize to modify proxy settings and we will touch on some of them in this article. One simple manner of modifying your settings can be followed as per the instructions below. 

  1. Go to Chrome and click “Menu”
  2. Select “Advanced Settings” under the “Settings” tab
  3. Go to “Network” and press the “Change Proxy Settings” option.


Set Proxy in Chrome via System Settings

  1. Insert the proxy address and the port number on a “Use a proxy server” option that is switched on. This can be found in your Chrome proxy settings.
  2. Once done, click “SAVE


Change Proxy Settings via Command-line Flags

  1. Shut down the Chrome browser.
  2. Hover your mouse over the Chrome shortcut and Right-click to select “Properties”.
  3. Enter these two command lines to take your web traffic through the SOCKS proxy server.
  4. –proxy-server="socks5://myproxy:8080"
  5. –host-resolver-rules="MAP * ~NOTFOUND , EXCLUDE myproxy"
  6. Press “OK

Benefits of Using a Chrome Proxy

Anonymity and better privacy

When you are browsing the net with proxies turned off, your IP address will be visible and your privacy will be compromised. This will draw hackers closer to infiltrating your data, and you may be a victim of data theft and many other cybercrimes. Advertisers will also bombard you with ads you did not opt to see by tracking your location as well as your browsing habits.

Improved Security

Turning on your proxies will keep you safer and more secure, especially when you are utilizing Wi-Fi at a restaurant or any public place. Data theft can be costly to you and your organisation. That is why connecting to a proxy on Chrome is a more secure way of browsing the internet.

Troubleshooting Chrome Proxy Issues

There are many factors that can lead to your proxies failing to work properly, even if you have followed the right installation steps as stated above. Some of these factors are stated below:

  • An internet connection that lacks stability: The problem may sometimes lie with your Wi-Fi connection rather than your proxy. Ensure to restart your Wi-Fi to ensure that it works properly.
  • Different Profiles: Various Chrome profiles may use proxy settings that may be different. 


How to Check Chrome Proxy Settings?

  1. Open your Chrome browser and pick the “Settings” tab.
  2. Select “Advanced” to reveal the drop-down menu.
  3. Pick the “Open your computer's proxy settings” option to reveal proxy settings.
  4. Continue to scroll down until you see the “Manual proxy setup”. You will be able to check all your proxy details here.


How to Disable Chrome Proxy Settings?

  1. Find your proxy settings by typing in the word “Proxy” on your search tab.
  2. Go to “Connections” and select “LAN settings”
  3. You will see the checkbox that says: Use a proxy server for your LAN.  Remove the check sign on this box and press “OK”


How to Reset Chrome Proxy Settings?

  1. Go to your OS’ proxy settings and remove any previous configurations you have set up.
  2. Another option is to delete your browsing data by going to your Settings > Advanced > Clear browsing data. Once done, reset Chrome by going to Settings> Advanced Tab > Reset.


Proxies are some of the most reliable tools that can be utilised to anonymise your activities on the net. Get trustworthy proxies to ensure that your Chrome is safe from spies.  

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