What is Dark Web?

You have probably heard of the Dark Web before, and you're equally interested and worried about it. The Dark Web is not for everyone, yet some of it is worth looking into. This guide will satisfy your curiosity by defining and providing the best examples of the Dark Web that, interestingly, are legal.

The term Dark Web is used for encrypted online content which is not indexed by established search engines such as Google. Thus, accessing the Dark Web takes a little more effort than those that show up in your search results. Only specific browsers, such as TOR Browser, can reach beneath the surface of the internet. Unlike traditional sites, the Dark Web is known to provide a great deal of anonymity and privacy.

Anonymity attracts Illicit activities, therefore, most of the Dark Web is online marketplaces for drugs, breached data, or other unethical content. However, there are oftentimes legitimate reasons for certain people to use this network, including political dissidents who are not allowed to share their views publically.

Pros and Cons of Dark Web

The Dark Web (also referred to as the Darknet) has both pros and cons, some of which are presented as follows:


It helps people to enjoy privacy and express their views freely. Privacy is key for many innocent people threatened by stalkers. Stalkers are not always hostile; employers frequently track their potential employee’s posts on social media and use that data to help make decisions on their prospective workforce. Lastly, the popularity of this network among criminals enables undercover police officers to track suspicious activities and identify lawbreakers.


Anonymity brings some kind of power to users, and there are always people who will abuse it. Cybercriminals typically use the Dark Web to breach the privacy of others by posting their personal photos, medical information, and financial records.

Best Dark Web sites

The Hidden Wiki

In order to visit an onion website, you need to use a directory such as The Hidden Wiki. Some sites are perfectly legitimate, such as domain providers and email services. Some whistleblowers may get censored in certain countries. And some content could be deemed as not legal. Therefore, always make sure you know exactly what you’re looking for to avoid winding up in the wrong places.


You can access Facebook through the Dark Web by using Facebook’s .onion mirror. In so doing, you can benefit from creating and using an anonymous account. You can enjoy Facebook without exposing your identity, location, and preferences to Tech giants. Simply copy this Onion URL into your browser and press Enter.


If you agree, regardless of your political orientation, that the mainstream media is incompetent and has undermined freedom of speech, try SoylentNews. In this open-source and community-driven news agency, users can post stories from around the world. It offers discussion forums and a comment moderation system as well.

Hidden Answers

Hidden Answers is a great alternative to Reddit, which has recently been plagued by controversies and censorship. Users ask for advice, share stories, and discuss various topics with complete anonymity.


Email is not a secure communication system at all; email providers can see your inboxes throughout. For example, Google puts travel information and meetings onto your calendar automatically. Mail2Tor is an email provider that allows the user to send and receive emails anonymously through webmail or even over an email client. It encrypts all messages and does not store logs.

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