How to Buy at P&G Shop if You Are Outside the US

Protector & Gamble, often abbreviated as P&G, is a large seller of various brands and products. P&G sells products related to personal hygiene, healthcare, and cleaning supplies. Their brands include Pantene, Herbal Essences, Head and Shoulders, Gillette, Oral B, Braun, and much more! 

Although P&G is based in America, many of its customers live outside the US. P&G brands are well recognized worldwide and therefore the company has become one of the largest consumer goods corporations in the world. 


Buying From P&G If You Are Outside the US

P&G products are more readily available to their US customers. The range of P&G products available in countries outside of the US is very limited. However, if you are living outside the US, you can buy from the American P&G shop too! All you need is VPN Unlimited, and you will be able to buy and order from the shop.


How to order from P&G

  1. Download VPN Unlimited.
  2. Create a KeepSolid ID and log in.
  3. Under the Start button, find the list of VPN servers.
  4. Connect to any one of the US servers.
  5. Buy and order from the P&G shop!

As you can see, with VPN Unlimited it can be easy to buy and order from the P&G shop, or any other American online shop.


How Does VPN Unlimited Allow You to Buy From the US

A virtual private network, or VPN, allows you to shop outside of your country. When you use a VPN, a private connection between your device and the VPN server is established. Because of this, your actual IP address is hidden and your IP address will now appear to be that of the server you are connected to. You will be able to use the internet as if you were in the country where the server is located.

It allows you to not only shop at stores outside of your country but also gives you access to online content that is restricted in your region. 


VPN Unlimited features 

With 500 servers in 80 locations, our VPN lets you connect to a server in nearly every country. This not only allows you to buy outside of your country but also gives you access to geo-restricted online content. In addition to this, VPN Unlimited has extensive security features, such as our zero-log policy, that provide you with total online security.

Are you ready to order from US shops online?

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