How to Buy at Sears if You Are Outside the US

Sebamed was founded in 1983 by Heinz Maurer. It is a brand of skin and body care products and produces skin cleaning and care products, creams, lotions, and hair shampoos. Its products are marketed to more than 80 countries.

Many of Sebamed’s products are recommended by dermatologists because they are compatible with the skin. Sebamed provides comprehensive skincare solutions for all age groups, which support the skin's natural barrier with a pH of 5.5. Thanks to its wide product range, it is a brand that many customers give an order regularly.


How to Order from Sebamed Outside the US Using VPN

Unfortunately, although people in 80 countries can buy from Sebamed, it does not provide service in some countries. If you are one of these non-US countries, and you want to buy Sebamed, the solution has come to you: VPN Unlimited.

Thanks to VPN Unlimited, one can effortlessly access the US or European website and place an order from outside the US! Now, Let’s look together how to order from Sebamed.


How to Use VPN Unlimited to Buy From Sebamed Outside US

  1. To begin, you should download KeepSolid VPN Unlimited to order from Sebamed.
  2. Then, create an account for free or buy a premium.
  3. Select a server in the US easily. VPN Unlimited provides numerous servers from the US!
  4. After selecting the server, your connection will be seen as coming inside the US even if you live in any other country.
  5. Then, to give an online order, you have to create an account on the Sebamed website.
  6. All done! You can buy stuff from Sebamed no matter whether you are outside the US or Europe!


VPN Unlimited

VPN uses many protocols and technologies together. A secure tunnel is established by encrypting the communication between one computer and the server on the opposite side.

Since the data passing through this tunnel is encrypted, your security is ensured, as people who intervene or try to enter can only see the encrypted data. The better this level of encryption, the more secure your privacy will be. VPN Unlimited encrypts all online transactions with a military-level 256-bit version of the AES protocol. 

Also, you will be invisible by hiding your IP address and showing another place as your address. Therefore, you can access all the content from anywhere you want. More explicitly, you can watch any media you want and easily buy anything you want from sites like Sebamed, even if you are outside the US.

Reasonable Price and Offers

By purchasing VPN Unlimited with suitable payment plans, you will have an advantageous transaction because you can use it on 4 devices with 1 account. You can also VPN Unlimited on unlimited devices with an extra payment. Moreover, we offer lifetime use for a very discounted price.

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