What is an IP address?

You can effortlessly and legally change your IP address to improve your online security. It's not difficult at all. Use a VPN to protect your online privacy, or follow these simple steps to do it yourself.

The IP address is a string of digits that identifies any device in a network. They are used by computers to connect with one another across the internet and other networks. IP addresses allow devices, websites, and routers to identify themselves and send and receive data by providing geographic information.

Hackers, snoops, and other sorts of surveillance can be circumvented by changing your IP address. You'll have a lot of privacy and security benefits because you're masking who you are and where you're from (basically your online identity).

Reasons to Update Your IP Address

Here are some reasons to update your IP address:


  • Safeguard your digital presence. Changing your IP address masks your geolocation, making you invisible to hackers, ISPs, and websites that track you. Your IP address can be used to track your private internet traffic; altering it protects your digital presence.
  • Circumvent website prohibits. IP addresses are used by certain countries to block access to certain websites. To escape government censorship, open restricted websites, and access the internet, you may change your IP.
  • For geo-blocked content. In order to stream a game or a program that is only accessible in certain locations, geo-blocking might prevent you from doing so while abroad. It is possible to circumvent content restrictions by changing your IP address to seem to be from an allowed location.
  • Troubleshoot internet problems. New routers frequently assign devices the incorrect IP address. This problem might be resolved by manually updating your IP address. It can also assist players who are suffering lag in their gameplay.


Changing your IP address is completely legal. There is nothing to fear if you aren't doing something illegal. There are various reasons why people alter or hide their IP addresses, and you can check it out for yourself with VPN Unlimited right now.

How to Change IP Address

In order to answer the question on How to change your IP address, we offer you the description of the following possible ways:


Change your IP address via a VPN

Bypass geographical limitations on internet content by masking your true IP address using a VPN.

Access servers in specified countries by using a VPN. Virtual private networks make it appear as if you're connected to a server in a different location. Additionally, all of your data is protected via a virtual private network. Avoid free VPNs since they may contain viruses and advertisements. There are numerous paid VPNs available.


Use a proxy server

A virtual private network is analogous to a proxy server. As an alternative to connecting directly to a website, you can use proxy servers or virtual private networks as an intermediary. A proxy server, on the other hand, does not encrypt your connection, unlike a VPN.

When you connect to a proxy, it will give you a bogus IP address, thereby changing your real IP address without the hassle.


Reset your router

Is your router preventing your devices from connecting? Erroneous IP addresses may often be fixed by simply resetting your router.

When you reset your router, the router thinks you've just purchased a new device, and assigns it a new IP address. In addition to upgrading your router's DNS settings, you should reset your router to help protect your network from being hacked.

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