Guide on How to Delete Your Skype Account

Skype is a communications application that provides video and voice calls over the Internet with other connected devices (computers, tablets, mobile devices, etc.) or landlines. Users can also send and receive instant messages, transfer files, send and receive multimedia messages, and conduct video conferencing. It’s now one of the world’s most popular voice-over-IP services.


Thinking About Deleting Your Skype Account?

Nowadays, with so many apps supporting voice and video call, Skype has become less popular than before. With many people concerned about government related surveillance and privacy issues, it makes sense that some people think about deleting their Skype account.

The thing is, after Microsoft acquired Skype, it has become one of Microsoft products. In that case, if you are trying to delete your Skype account, you need to delete the correlative Microsoft account as well. When you do that, Microsoft will activate 60-days period. During that time, you may recover your account. If you do nothing, then your Skype account (as well as Microsoft account) will be deleted.


Steps on How to Delete Your Skype Account 


  1. Launch Skype on your device.
  2. Click on your account name and select “Settings”.
  3. Scroll down and select the option “Close your account”.
  4. Verify your account by re-enter your password.
    (Note: Since you are going to close your Microsoft account too, before moving on, there might be a few other accounts to double-check. Once you’re done, click “Next”.)
  5. Review the checklist and select the option “Mark account for closure”.

That’s it, your Skype account(and Microsoft account) will be deleted after 60 days.


Want to Use Skype No Matter Where You Are 

If you are a regular user of Skype, you might have noticed that the app is prohibited in several countries. The reasons are different. In some countries, there are big telecom operators who see Skype as a competitor; In some countries, the government blocks apps that don’t grant them to monitor their users. And for some other countries, it’s just too expensive or complicated to get the telecom license. In a word, Skype is currently blocked in these countries: Guyana, Kuwait, Libya, North Korea, Oman, Qatar, Syria, UAE etc.

That also means sometimes when you are traveling to another country, you won’t be able to use Skype, unless you have a rock-solid VPN software such as VPN Unlimited. A well-trusted VPN service can encrypt your web traffic, which will enable you to bypass geo-restrictions.

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We use a solid encryption algorithm namely AES-256 and the most secure VPN protocols to make sure all your web traffic is protected. Thanks to the advanced security of VPN Unlimited, you can use Skype completely anonymously.

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