How to Delete a Yahoo Email Account When You No Longer Need It?

Yahoo is one of the most known and used internet portals which has a search engine and directory that contains thousands of other websites. Yahoo offers other services such as Yahoo Finance, Yahoo Travel, Yahoo Maps, and many others. Amongst many services that it offers is Yahoo Mail which is a free web-based email. This email service allows users to be connected through email messages that can be stored and accessed from any device.   

Yahoo email is a great service that allows users to organize their messages and set reminders and alerts to better manage their personal and business life. As great as Yahoo mail is, this service is not without faults and therefore, it is not surprising that users may want to delete their Yahoo email account.


Reasons Why You May Want to Delete Your Yahoo Email Account?

Yahoo has a bad data security record. This is something that many of its users are concerned about because personal data is very important, and it should be handled with absolute care. In recent years, data breaches have become a regular occurrence in many companies, and Yahoo is one of the businesses who have taken a knock . Due to these, sensitive data belonging to many users of this service has been adversely compromised and therefore, deleting your Yahoo email account is understandable.

Users may also wish to delete their Yahoo email account if they believe there is a better email service provider they can use that offers better data security. Below, we will give you a detailed guideline to help you with permanently deleting your Yahoo email account.  


How to Delete a Yahoo Email Account?

  1. Log in to the account you want to delete using your Yahoo ID and go to the account termination page.
  2. Once you have read the account deletion information, proceed by clicking “Continue
  3. Key in your Yahoo password to confirm your identity and click “Yes, delete this account”.
  4. Click “I understood

Your account will be indefinitely deleted and any access to any Yahoo services will be ceased.


How can VPN Unlimited help you escape geo-blocking?

Due to increased government scrutiny, a user can struggle to access their Yahoo account due to the government banning certain websites such as Yahoo. Online restrictions are imposed by blocking certain websites to regulate what citizens view online. There have been reports about Yahoo being banned in China and such bans can leave users who are based in China feeling frustrated and limited.

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