How to Get Better Ping and Enjoy Gaming Experience With a VPN

In this article, we will be discussing some of the issues that negatively affect many internet users, particularly gamers. We will discuss ISP throttling and Ping and give useful tips that can be applied to reduce or prevent these issues from occurring.


How Do ISP Throttling and Ping Affect Internet Users? 

ISP Throttling refers to the intentional internet connection speed reduction by your internet service provider in the attempt to manage or control the network traffic. ISPs can do this to prevent heavy bandwidth users from abusing their internet connection. If there is a congestion of users who are downloading or uploading large files on the network, it can significantly reduce the internet connection speed, and this is one of the many reasons why ISPs may throttle the connection.

Gamers are some of the heavy bandwidth users who require lightning-fast internet speed to play their games without lags or latency. Online gaming allows gamers to have multiplayer experiences while they are based in different locations. This is how they get to interact and compete. One of the biggest challenges for gamers is ping. It refers to the delay between the gamer’s input and the server’s response to that input. 

Low ping is what gamers are always hoping for as it means that there will be little to no delays in how fast the server responds. This leads to a better and more pleasant gaming experience.


How to Get a Better Ping Using a VPN?

The distance between you and the server can make your connection slow and your gaming experience unpleasant. When you connect to a VPN, you can select a server that is geographically located closer to you. This will result in a better ping, less congestion on your network and an overall improved gaming experience. A VPN also hides your IP address from your ISP and makes it impossible for your ISP to throttle your internet usage based on your online activities.

What Makes VPN Unlimited One of the Most Trusted VPN Solutions?

VPN Unlimited is a highly reliable virtual private network that is known to enhance your online experience by effectively hiding your IP address to allow you to experience complete anonymity while online. It is highly trusted due to many of its great features and benefits.

By simply downloading VPN Unlimited, you get to enjoy many benefits such as:

  • 1 VPN Unlimited account to protect 5 or even more devices.
  • Hack-proof AES-256 encryption protocols.
  • Zero-log policy, which makes sure that you are completely private.

Features of VPN Unlimited

3000 servers in 80+ locations

As a gamer or someone who uses the internet to download or upload large files, VPN Unlimited gives you the freedom to choose a server to connect from. This means that you can virtually be placed in any location you choose by simply connecting to any of our reliable, secure, and fast servers.

Zero-log policy

VPN Unlimited protects its users from any third-party interference. This policy shows VPN Unlimited’s commitment to protecting you by keeping no record of your online activities including websites you have visited, content you have downloaded or any other information about your online footprint.

Part of a MonoDefense security bundle

VPN Unlimited is part of this bundle that includes various credible apps to give you ultimate online protection. Passwarden, DNS Firewall and Smart DNS are apps in this bundle that you need for your overall digital protection.

Do not let lags and latency ruin your online experience

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