Is BlueStacks Safe to Use?

You most probably use both a smartphone and a computer on a daily basis. The two devices may seem different, but they can run many of the same apps. Android app developers would want to test their applications on PC before releasing them. Gamers would also appreciate using a mouse and keyboard on their android games, and BlueStacks lets them do just that. But like any software, you should find out whether it's safe to use before downloading it. Let’s learn how to improve your Android emulation experience, and make it safe and private using our best solution.


What is BlueStacks?

Founded in 2009, BlueStacks com is an American technology company known for the BlueStacks App Player. It lets Android applications work on both Microsoft Windows and macOS. 

With 500+ million gamers worldwide, BlueStacks is known to be the most thorough Android app player out there. This is because, other than running on both Windows and Mac, this emulator comes with plenty of features to enhance the gamer’s experience.

The most recent version of BlueStacks is the fastest and most smooth-running emulator ever, delivering high-performance gaming even on outdated devices. The latest version addresses the fact that the emulator can sometimes feel bloated when running on inferior hardware.


How safe is BlueStacks?

BlueStacks allows the user to build customized control schemes, as well as generate several instances of the emulator and simultaneously run several games. It also has a feature to reduce resource consumption when playing the most demanding games. It is believed by experts to be a fairly safe emulator, with certified GDPR compliance, keeping your data safe at all times. 

However, no matter how safe and reliable your Android emulator seems to be, your ISP can track all your activities. Your Internet service provider is forever able to watch what you’re up to online unless you use a good VPN.


Emulate Android apps and games on PC privately

In the name of improving user experience, ISPs constantly track users online. But often they sell user data to advertisers to make more money!. Your ISP also tracks you online to see if you exploit your bandwidth while playing online games or torrenting, and so stifle your connection. This would potentially push you to upgrade to a more pricey internet package. 

Privacy is an essential aspect of online security. Installing and activating a reliable VPN on your computer allows you to mask your actual IP address and go online like a specter. VPN Unlimited realizes your online privacy while you’re using the best Android emulator.

VPN Unlimited Benefits

VPN Unlimited encrypts users’ data using the AES-256 technology to make them safe, secure, and unreadable to ISPs. VPN Unlimited offers great benefits, including:

Protection of an unlimited number of devices with a single subscription, support for virtually all platforms and operating systems

Over 3000 superfast servers in 80+ locations around the globe.

Friendly customer support to assist you day and night in case of persistent issues.

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