Is It Safe to Watch Videos on Dailymotion?

Dailymotion is a French online video platform, and it is owned by the mass media group Vivendi. The site looks like YouTube, it allows you to stream online and upload videos. It has more than 300 million unique users per month, Dailymotion is available in 25 languages worldwide and has produced 43 localized versions using the local Homepage and local content. 

Along with the fact that Dailymotion has become more and more popular, it has built relationships with first-tier content creators such as Max and Showtime. In 2012, when Dailymotion (and some other video websites) was blocked in India for copyright infringement, Dailymotion came into the spotlight. 

As we all know, there are more and more barriers set for video-sharing platforms nowadays, such as age requirements and other safety issues. How is Dailymotion doing in this regard? It is now time to answer whether it is safe to watch videos on Dailymotion.


Child Safety on Dailymotion

When it comes to online video platforms, children's safety is one of the most important things. In order to create a safe web experience for children, Dailymotion has started a partnership with an online child protection association: E-Enfance.

To make this video-sharing platform a safe place for children, Dailymotion creates videos to awaken awareness of cyberbullying and provides parents with some necessary tools in order to help protect their children if they want to share or watch videos on it. 

E-Enfance acts as a single-entry point for parents, children, teenagers, and professionals on issues related to the digital world, it protects children from potential dangers such as online harassment, too much exposure to screens, pornography, sexual predators, video games, theft identity, scams, fake news, parental controls and so on.


Age-restricted Content on Dailymotion

Dailymotion allows certain viewers to watch videos on their platform that some viewers may find unacceptable or objectionable. These videos may include nudity, violence and swearing. To address this, Dailymotion offers an “Age Gate” function that limits the appearance of such content if you have turned it on.

To further improve safety, Dailymotion activates “Age Gate” function by default to ensure it’s safe for children. To turn on/off this feature, you can switch down to the “Help” button and click on “Age Gate”. When you do that, you must confirm that you are over 18 years old.


Malware in Online Video Platform

Malicious actors target video streaming websites a lot. If you click on a link through an email address, pop-up window, or an advertisement in an online video website, viruses and malware are injected. This is common for almost all websites with high traffic, and you have to use antivirus software to fix this growing problem. Some Dailymotion users had reported a malware infection as well as malware attacks back in 2012. But currently, Dailymotion is free from malware.

So, Dailymotion in general is safe to use. However, as we all know, safety is only achieved provided that your online practices are equipped with a certain level of precautionary measures. Let’s do a quick sum up: to access geographic restricted content provided by Dailymotion, use a VPN; to ensure ultimate online safety and privacy, use a VPN. Connect to any region of your choice by selecting it and access its native content while encrypting your traffic and staying completely safe. 


How to Access Geo-restricted Content and Enhance Privacy? 

VPN is known as the most efficient way to ensure your online activities are safe. If you want to reach geographic restricted content and enhance privacy while using Dailymotion, VPN Unlimited provides you the best solution.


How Does VPN Work? 

Using a VPN will create a safe connection between your computer and the server of your choice, assign you a virtual IP address, and routes all internet traffic through that connection. This means that you will not reveal your actual IP to every website you visit. Now, for the internet world, your request will be treated as a location from the VPN server of your choice.

Access geographic restricted content on Dailymotion

One of the great benefits of using a VPN to bypass restrictions is the versatility of this method. A good VPN service such as VPN Unlimited provides users with many servers to connect to. VPN Unlimited has more than 3000 servers in more than 80 areas all over the world.

No one can track your activities on Dailymotion

If you don't want anyone to know what you're doing online, you may consider using a VPN. It is a technology that creates a private network from a public internet connection. By masking your IP address and creating a connection that is safe and encrypted, it can prevent any third parties from reaching your browsing activity and search history. VPN is the key privacy tool when people surf online.

VPN Protocols

VPN Unlimited offers many security protocols, you can decide which ones your device and network support, and then choose which ones will perform best. By default, KeepSolid will use the best VPN protocol for your network, but you may always configure your application to use a different protocol.

VPN Protocol Encryption

The most popular encryption methods now are 128-bit or 256-bit. Normally, 128-bit encryption is already strong and cannot be cracked from brute force. However, VPN Unlimited has upgraded the key length to 256 bits for a better performance. As VPN Unlimited always ensures optimal security and all its VPN protocols apply 256-bit encryption algorithms.

Bypass geo-restrictions and watch videos freely on Dailymotion

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