How Safe Is Instagram

Instagram is a very popular social media app with roughly a billion users. Its popularity has come with some risks on user accounts with a large following. Hackers hijack these accounts and sell them to people who don't want to grow their own following organically.

You may want to know how Instagram protects the data it collects from you and makes it difficult for cybercriminals to access it. In this article, we tell you what you'll need to do to increase your account's security and give you tips on how to ensure that your Instagram account is safe.


What is Instagram? 

Instagram is a free-to-use app that allows users to upload and share photos and videos. This is the app that birthed a unique trend of influencers who are the new generation of celebrities. Instagram generates its revenue through advertising, and advertisers work with influencers to create campaigns that promote their products and services.

No one can deny that Instagram has revolutionized how users connect and interact with brands and businesses, who can now easily market, promote and sell their products and services directly to consumers through the app.


Does Instagram protect your privacy?

To answer the question, is Instagram safe? We need to first look into what measures  Instagram has put in place to guarantee the safety of users privacy. 

Cases of hackers and cybercriminals targeting Instagram user accounts are ever-increasing. Instagram has taken some measures to curb the security risks that are there and keep its platform safe to use. 

Your Instagram account does not by default have the best safety and security features turned on. You need to go to your settings to turn on key security features. These include two-factor authentication, which authorizes user authentication at every login. How it works, is that whenever an attempt is made to log into your account, you will be required to enter a one-time pin that gets sent to your trusted nominated email address or mobile number. 


Using VPN Unlimited to make Instagram safe

Instagram isn't safe to use on its own. Much like it, third-party websites collect your data and use cookies to track your online activity to target you with personalized adverts. VPN Unlimited protects you from websites and hackers, by creating a secure and private connection between your computer or mobile device and the internet.

Your internet service provider (ISP) can monitor what you do online, they can see which websites you visit; your search history, your social media information and email communication. When you use VPN Unlimited your internet traffic will only be accessible to websites you are visiting and make it impossible for your ISP to access that information.

VPN Unlimited has no interest in knowing what you do online. It has a Zero-log policy which gives users assurance that none of their data, browsing history, downloads, login credentials, metadata, and any personal or sensitive information is ever monitored or stored on its servers. 

Another great benefit of using a VPN is that you can bypass geo-restrictions that block you from accessing certain apps and websites when you are in particular regions or countries. This means you can access Instagram, Facebook, Google, and Hulu.

You can increase your security by simply using VPN Unlimited which relies on encryption to safely secure your traffic which renders your data unreadable to unauthorized parties.

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