Is a Safe Site to Use? is a free email service. One of its most appealing features is that it allows you to choose between 200 email address domains, which means you get to create a very unique email address, either for you or your business. The service also allows you to have multiple addresses, but find all your emails in one place. offers its users unlimited storage, which means there is no limit to the number of emails in your mailbox. 

In addition, includes other important features such as contact lists, calendar organization, and management tools. 


Is a Legit Service? Where Does It Work? is a legit email service. However, it only allows for new users to register from the USA or Europe (excluding German-speaking countries). You cannot register for from any other country, but if you already have an existing email address, you will be able to access your mail. 


Is Reliable?

Although is legit and offers some good features to its users, it is not very reliable. Not only is the site often down and therefore limits you from reaching your mailbox, but it is also full of ads, to the point where it becomes difficult to navigate the website. 


Is Safe?

Now let’s take a look at our main concern - how safe is Emails often contain sensitive and personal information, so you should be using an email service with excellent privacy features that keep your information safe.

To keep its users safe, does have its very own built-in anti-virus, this means prevents you from getting viruses through emails. has a spam filter, this keeps any unwanted emails out of your mailbox. In addition, has two-factor authentication, which means you have to verify that you are you twice before gaining access to your mailbox.


Safety Tips and Privacy

Even though is relatively safe, the best to secure safety and privacy in your mailbox is by using a VPN. When you use a VPN, a private connection is created between your device and the internet via a VPN server. Connecting to the VPN server means that your real IP address is hidden and instead the IP of the server is shown, this means that no one can trace you. In addition, your data and information now become totally private from any third parties as well as your ISP.

Keeping your data safe is a top concern, and therefore we employ the latest encryption protocols to protect you and your data. These encryptions make sure that no one else has access to your data

Our zero-log policy means that nothing you do online is kept on record because do not keep any log of your activity.

In addition, we have 3000+ servers in 80 locations so that you can browse the internet from anywhere in the world while hiding your real IP address.

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