Is Tor Browser Safe

In this article, we will explain what the Tor browser is used for and whether it is a safe choice if you wish to browse the internet freely. This article will also seek to explain why privacy is important when using the internet and what solution works best to achieve optimum online security and escape the challenge of geo-blocking.


What is the Tor browser and what is it used for?

Tor browser is a web browser that has been created for private and anonymous internet surfing and to protect users from web traffic analysis. Most people use the Tor browser to access dark web activities. Dark Web is the part of the internet that exists on darknets which are overlay networks that require specific configurations or software to be accessed.

Tor browser makes it possible for internet users to be untraceable while connected to the internet. Users of the Tor browser can safely browse the internet even in countries where there is internet censorship. It makes whistle-blowers feel protected when sharing information that they would otherwise be afraid to share publicly.


Does using the Tor browser compromise your online safety?

Although Tor promises to protect you against someone revealing your identity and location, it is not safe and has many drawbacks that can lead to an unpleasant internet experience. Tor can lead to significantly reduced internet speed as well as a high possibility of geo-blocking.  

If you care about privacy and security, Tor is not the best browser to use, as it does not restrict third parties such as your ISP or the Government from knowing that you are using Tor and suspecting that you may be doing something shady.

Tor does not allow you to choose the location from which your device will access the web, and this is one of the biggest disadvantages of using Tor. It also has traffic that can easily be recognised by many websites, which makes Tor users prone to being blocked.

Online privacy is one of the most crucial aspects of online security. Using a good VPN allows you to hide your IP address and browse the internet without being detected. Therefore, we recommend VPN Unlimited as a safe solution for internet users who want to stay protected while online.


What are the benefits of using VPN Unlimited?

VPN Unlimited is one of the best VPN solutions that can be used by individuals who care about online safety and security. This Virtual Private Network adds an extra layer of security while using Tor, thanks to the safe and reliable AES-256 encryption technology to make your data completely unreadable to third parties. VPN Unlimited has many benefits such as:

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