How to Maximize Your Gaming Experience of Warzone Using VPN Unlimited

Do you still feel there is room for improvement in your web surfing experience, do you think you can surf the web more smoothly, with no lag? Especially when it comes to playing Warzone, which is without doubt today’s most popular shooting game.

 To figure out how to maximize your Warzone experience, in the following we are going to discuss the following topics:

  • Why do you need a VPN to play Warzone
  • How does VPN Unlimited maximize your Warzone experience
  • Why VPN Unlimited is the best VPN for Warzone

Why Do You Need a VPN to Play Warzone

Warzone was released in March 2020, and just 2 months after its release, Call of Duty Warzone has recorded 60 million for the number of downloads. Being a multiplayer combat game that gathers up to 150 players in a scenario. It attracts a huge number of players all over the world, it is no doubt one of today’s most popular games, however, it has some issues for its players.

In the Warzone game, some geo-restrictions exist that prevent players from playing against players in different regions. And not to mention that Warzone is blocked in certain areas, such as in Iran where the mobile version has been banned. Besides, being the most popular shooting game today, it attracts people with a bad heart too, many cases of Warzone-related DDoS attacks have been reported.

Moreover, as a player, you might often be annoyed by all the lags in the game, which makes you feel others are just a little quicker than you. And sometimes you might just want to get into an easier or a more challenged lobby.

To end all these hassles, the best solution is to use a VPN. Here is where VPN Unlimited, the best Warzone VPN, comes in! It provides reliable and fast servers and enables you to bypass any geo-blocks. What’s more, it offers strong encryption that could not only secure your privacy but also prevent you from DDoS attacks.

Get VPN Unlimited to Maximize Your Warzone Experience

  • Bypass geo-restrictions and switch between lobbies 
  • Choose from different servers to enjoy gaming with no lag
  • Scramble your data with an AES-256 encryption protocol
  • Hide your web traffic and keep it untraceable for any third parties
  • Stay safe when connected to unsecured public WiFi hotspots 

How to Get Started with Our Warzone VPN Solution

Now, let’s say you are ready to maximize your Warzone experience with a VPN. You might wonder, is it complicated to set up everything? No worries! Playing Warzone with VPN Unlimited is very simple, just a few steps and before you know it, you are already starting your smoothest, safest, and no lag gaming experience like you never had before.


Step 1

Download VPN Unlimited and create KeepSolid ID. You’ll right away get a 7-day free trial to start Warzone with VPN Unlimited in a minute!


Step 2

Log in using the KeepSolid ID you’ve just created.


Step 3

Connect to a VPN server, you can choose from any preferred locations where you want to play Warzone.


Step 4

Enjoy your ultimate and lightning-fast gaming experience!

Start Your Smoothest Gaming Experience Today

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Why VPN Unlimited Is the Best VPN for Warzone

3000+ servers in more than 80 locations

One of the great features of VPN Unlimited is it offers 3000+ servers in more than 80 locations all over the world. That makes it easy for our users to choose the most suitable location to play Warzone. Whether you are looking for an easier lobby or a more challenging one, you will be able to switch between lobbies within a click.

Multiplatform supported

Another great feature is that VPN Unlimited could be used on a broad range of platforms, on your Android mobile, iPhone, Windows PC, Mac, and lots of others. What’s more, it can even be installed on a router, so that it is compatible with your game consoles to maximize your gaming experience.

Security comes first

Whatever security measures might be in place by Warzone, VPN Unlimited will add more on top of it. Our service will encrypt your data using the military-grade AES-256 encryption technique. Therefore, your traffic will be routed through a VPN server to hide your actual IP address and prevent you from being exposed to any hacker, ISP, government, and other unwanted parties.

1 account = 10 devices

With a single VPN Unlimited subscription, you can use it on 5 different devices. You can also extend this number by buying more slots as you wish. This way you can play Warzone with VPN on your PC, or your smartphone, and at the same time use VPN on your smart TV and get all the benefits on any other device for any purpose.

Boost Your Gaming Experience with Our Best VPN Service

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