Best VPN for Data Security: How to Protect Your Data from Theft

Every day, we entrust the internet with our sensitive information. Most people never think twice logging on public hotspots and doing their usual internet routine. But whenever we do anything that involves sending our login credentials, account number, billing address, or other private data, we risk getting that information in the crosshairs of snoopers and identity thieves.

So, how to prevent online threats? What are the examples of data theft? How to stop data theft? How does a VPN protect you? What is the best VPN for data security? Let’s answer all your whats and whys!

How online data theft can happen

Whether you are a student, a freelancer, a businessman, or a traveler, odds are you use the internet routinely and thus network security should be one of your primary concerns. Interception and theft of your sensitive data can threaten not only the security of your identity but even your everyday comfort and financial stability. In today’s world, a breach in online security impacts your real life. 

Whatever internet access point you are using, you can never be entirely sure if your connection is secure and all the networking software used to pass your private data is up-to-date. If you neglect online security measures, you can easily fall victim of cybercrime. 

The risk of your data theft is waiting for you in any of the following situations:

  • Connection to an unsecured public WiFi 
  • Following a phishing link
  • Installation of a malicious software
  • Visiting an unsecured HTTP sites
  • Using weak passwords

Does a VPN protect your data

VPN stands for “Virtual Private Network.” It is a technology that keeps your device and personal data safe from malicious attacks while using public WiFi networks. Learn how to ensure your online privacy while using VPN on public WiFi hotspots.

Additionally, VPN Unlimited app uses advanced encryption methods to create a secure “tunnel” between your connected device and one of its secure servers. All your network traffic passes through this tunnel and is protected from anyone who tries to intercept it. 

So, the answer is Yes, a well-trusted VPN app protects your data from theft. It’s high time to check it for yourself!

How VPN Unlimited protects you from data theft

With reports of identity theft on the rise, you should really consider taking necessary precautions to not fall an easy prey. What is VPN protection?


Encryption algorithms for protection against data theft 

VPN Unlimited employs strong encryption algorithms that render all your traffic completely useless for a hacker even if intercepted. Online banking, internal data, and communications are safe and anonymous with our service.


Kill Switch for protection against data theft 

VPN Unlimited provides the blue-chip Kill Switch feature designed to protect your connection from accidental exposure. Just turn Kill Switch on and rest assured not a single packet of traffic goes outside the VPN tunnel.


On-the-go usage for protection against data theft 

Wherever you go online — whether from home, office, or a public place — use the VPN Unlimited app to protect your data from adversaries. Join millions of people who have entrusted their online security to VPN Unlimited.

VPN for data security on any device

If you wonder how to protect your laptop or smartphone data from theft, VPN Unlimited is at your disposal. With our application, you can protect up to 5/10 devices from data theft via a single subscription. To top it off, you can use our security solution on any device you need, as it works for all major platforms. Laptops and smartphones are included:

VPN Unlimited Team to stop corporate data theft

In case you are an SMB owner and worry about possible corporate data theft, VPN Unlimited Team will get you covered. Our app provides you with a team plan that will help you to keep all your corporate and employees’ data protected. 

VPN for teams is your perfect choice if:

  • Your employees work on public WiFi. This is a possible situation when your employees have to work on-the-go and use a public WiFi hotspot to stay connected. Connecting to public WiFi is one of the key cyber threats for your data, and so you should secure it with our VPN for teams. 


  • Your company applies the BYOD policy. When your workers use their personal devices for work, they hardly protect their devices from data theft. VPN Unlimited for Teams, in turn, will do it for them. 


  • You hire remote workers. Since you have no idea if these employees secure their work devices, a huge amount of your business communications can be transferred via an unsecured network. So why don’t you protect against corporate data theft with VPN Unlimited?


Protect your data with the best VPN for data security right away!

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